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Purple Duck Games - Legendary I: Legendary BladesBy Thilo Graf

This pdf is 42 pages long, 1 page front cover/editorial/ToC, 4 pages SRD and 1 page of thanks for the feedback. That leaves 36 pages of content for $3.00! That is an awesome bang-for-buck-ratio. Now let’s take a look at whether the content suffers from the low price.

The pdf kicks off with a one-page introduction on how legendary weapons work and adds a variant optional rule for weapon jealousy. Nice.

The weapons follow a two-page format including b/w-artwork, requirements of the weapon, all the abilities and a table listing the weapon’s progression. The weapons are:

  • Alieywishia, Orc Scourge: A bane curved scimitar-like weapon that helps slay and track Orcs.
  • Asterion’s Soul: A brutal sword inhabited by the soul of a minotaur.
  • Counter: A cool main-gauche for duelants.
  • Crusader’s Sword: A holy consecrated blade for clerics, paladins and Inquisitors to kill evil outsiders.
  • Diamond’s Edge: An incredibly sharp blade that is said to be connected to the mythic diamond dragons
  • Ebon Whispers: A lethal Assassin’s Throwing Dagger
  • Endless Winter: Ice-cold blade of a barbarian legend.
  • Gladiator’s Response: A showman’s blade to kill beasts etc.
  • Guardian: The sword of a heroic last defender.
  • Lion of Iskander: A holy sword for the leaders of men.
  • Mitra’s Blade: Undead-slaying sun-themed falchion
  • Moon’s Vengeance: Anti-Lycanthrope side-sword
  • The Red King’s Judgment: A fiery greatsword worthy of a villain (or an anti-hero)
  • Sandman’s Blade: Rapier with time-abilities for bards and arcane casters.
  • Sorrow: A creepy, tragic sword. One of my favourites.
  • Summoner’s Tool: A Summoner’s tool to make his Eidolons stronger.

After that, we get one page with two alignment templates and a new combat manoeuvre: Parry. We also get another two pages containing three new feats and three new spells.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice any typos or the like. The writing and prose are concise and do a great job of making the blades interesting in spite of the limitations in space and the setting-neutral background.

For the very low price, you get excellent blades and a HUGE amount of content. While the abilities could have been a bit more on the far-out side of things for me, I can’t help but like what Mark Gedak and Stefen Styrsky have done here. I love levelling weapons and this file provides them for an extremely fair price. I have high hopes for the sequel. (Which has just been released!) And a file for levelling armours. For now, I’ll rate this a very good 4.5 stars due to the fact that I would have loved to see some rather far-out abilities. (Like the Fiery Discorporation of “The Red King’s Judgment…)

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