Infinity Dungeon is already online and available in the app store!

ID_500pixel_logo[1]Wow, that was fast!

To celebrate its opening weekend, Infinity Dungeon is on sale for 99 cents this weekend only (down from the normal price of $2.99)!

This sale is an attempt to get people to try the app and leave a review for it, so don’t delay! Go check out the app store now and get a copy!

How does Infinity Dungeon Work?

Infinity Dungeon is a traditional pen and paper role-playing game, that is just facilitated by the iPhone/iPad. The app will create characters and rooms, but the game is designed to be played around a table with character sheets and a d20. The goal of the players is to use the tools and powers they are given to escape from the dreaded Infinity Dungeon, progressing from room to room using inane, ridiculous, and outlandish schemes to acquire keys, outwit monsters, and overcome obstacles.

ss2[1]Character Generation and Setup

To play Infinity Dungeon, every player needs a character. Use the application’s character tab in order to generate a character. If the player doesn’t like the character he receives, he can “re-roll” up to 2 times. The player should write down the details of his character on his character sheet, and introduce the character to the rest of the party.

Once all players have character sheets, it’s time to start exploring the dungeon!

Exploring the Dungeon

One player randomly becomes the first Active GM, and the player to his left is the first Active Player.

The Active GM begins a round by generating a room with the rooms tab in the app. He can “re-roll” the room up to 2 times, just like players can when generating characters. Once he is satisfied with the room, he reads it aloud to all the players.

The Active Player must then begin play by coming up with a plan that will get himself and his allies out of this room and into the next one. He declares his plan to all players, and can use their abilities or powers to assist in the plan, if he likes.

ss1[1]Once the Active Player is satisfied with the plan as it stands, a vote is cast. All players in the game, except for the Active Player, vote on whether they believe the plan is likely to succeed or likely to fail.

On the resolution tab, you will find a chart that gives the player his resolution target. Roll a 20-sided die (or use the roller in the app).

If the result of the die roll is lower than or equal to the target, the plan succeeds!

If the result of the die roll is higher than the target, the plan has failed.


If the plan succeeded, then the GM should narrate how the plan unfolded and succeeded brilliantly for the party members. The Active GM then passes his role as Active GM to the right. The Active Player passes his role to left (skipping the Active GM if necessary), and a new round of play begins!


If the plan failed, the GM should narrate how the plan unfolded and resulted in the grisly and untimely death of the player who created the plan. The Active Player then passes his role to the left (skipping the Active GM if necessary), and uses the character tab of the app to make a new character for himself, following the same rules as the first time. The new character joins the party immediately, and can begin participating in plans and voting right away. Play continues for the new Active Player in the same room.


Players ‘win’ the game when they have cleared a pre-determined number of rooms (5 rooms makes for a short game, while 10 rooms is standard). Once the rooms are cleared, the player with the least character deaths can be considered the winner!

ss3[1]Other Notes

Infinity Dungeon has a few notable conventions that players should be aware of…

  • Rooms reset if the players leave them. If the players wish to reset the room after a failed plan, or even as part of a plan, they are welcome to do so.
  • Keys are Unique, Locks are un-pickable. In order to open a locked door, the players must acquire the corresponding key.
  • Items in rooms can be picked up. It’s possible to use items found in one room to clear the next room. But if you die, all your items disappear!

Gratuitous Product Tie-Ins

You can utilize our other RPG Tools Products in order to enhance Infinity Dungeon even further!

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RPG Spellbook can be used at character creation to give players one or more random spells to increase their capability!

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