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aoscoverWant to win a copy of Ace of Spies plus some awesome spy gear? READ THIS NOW:

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Do take a seat, why don’t you?

I’ve called you here today to see if you’re interested in doing a little work for us. Nothing too major, just a little bit of codebreaking. Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to do it for nothing…

Every day for the next week (from Monday April 9 through to Friday 13) I’ll be posting a code of some sort on the Ace of Spies page here on Board Game Geek. If you want to get ahead of the game, I’d suggest following the Ace of Spies twitter feed as well – – as they’ll be giving some helpful hints on how the codes can be broken every day.

Each code will comprise a question that will need to be answered. If you have that answer, send it to and – assuming you’re correct – you’ll score an entry into our prize giveaway. Get them all right and you’ll have a maximum of five entries. One entry will be chosen at random on April 19, the day before the Ace of Spies Kickstarter campaign launch, and they’ll win the following quite splendid prizes:

  • 1x Invisible Ink pen, complete with built in UV light to reveal your secret messages,
  • 1x Secret Spy pen, complete with built in video camera to capture your target’s movements, and
  • 1x copy of everyone’s favourite game of sets and sneaks, Ace of Spies!

Entries can be sent in at any time, but each of your answers must be sent INDIVIDUALLY! It makes life easier for us here at the Base of Spies. You’re only allowed ONE entry per day, so make sure you’re happy with your submission. The closing date and time for entries is 12 noon GMT on April 18, 2012. Any questions?


Good. Then let battle commence!


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