Icarus from Renegade Games: Unboxing

Icarus came out in Kickstarter in 2018 to be delivered in 2019. I backed it because I am a bit of a sucker for narrative RPGs, but is this game worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it? I tell you!

Icarus is a #ttrpg that comes in a box with a fair number of #cards and #dice rather than the more traditional #rpg that come in book form. In Icarus we play a civilisation that is slowly decaying and falling apart and we are witnessing it’s last few moments. With a combination of defining aspects of the cities (similar to using FATE), roleplaying scenes and rolling dice that then go to become a dice tower, the players have to narrate collaboratively the happenings and going-ons of their dying civilisation.

To me this sounds like a true winner, but is this game’s production good enough to justify the amount of money I paid to get my hands on it?

Well… I am about to tell you and also tell you about another issue related to KS games that need to travel abroad.

You can also find more information about Icarus in the Renegade Game Studios website: https://www.renegadegamestudios.com/icarus

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