Hot Blackjack Video Games For Today’s Game Consoles

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how-to-play-blackjack[1]With the popularity of online card games scaling new heights in recent years there was never any doubt that the big guns of video gaming would start to exploit Blackjack’s undisputable appeal. So what have Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo done to make the most of what has become a worldwide obsession?

Card games such as poker and blackjack have never been too far away from the PC screen since computers were first sold on the market. The first ever computers that were capable of providing a selection of fun, casual games to the user were often dominated with card games. The simplicity and universal appeal of these games such as Blackjack and Solitaire provided the platform that was needed for card games to appeal to all ages and not just those who traveled to Las Vegas for their summer holidays. What’s more, PC card games such as Blackjack were capable of pairing two or more players together, thus promoting the idea of multiplayer gaming before it had even been established as a genre.

As technology has progressed, gamers across the globe have taken to online gaming by joining a huge community of gamers, each with their own interests and preferences. However, Blackjack has never strayed too far from the gaming world as it still manages to retain its universal appeal. If you are among those who love to play blackjack online at popular sites such as, either for free or in the style of a online casino which has become hugely popular thanks to its communal and financial benefits. Furthermore, the enhancement in graphics and realistic design provides an even more substantial atmosphere for the player. With the momentum of card games in full swing, it was time for the big names to take to the stage as card-game development became a top priority.

Microsoft were looking to create the best free Blackjack experience for the player and, with such a huge community to try and win over, it was important that they integrated all the necessary traits that would make the game playable for all ages. Microsoft took their Avatar concept to create Avatar Deluxe Blackjack, one of a series of games that adopts the basic concepts of Blackjack with a few added extras such as a variety of tables to play on and bonuses as you start winning, considered by avid gamers as one of the best blackjack games available. Microsoft makes the most of its Xbox Live experience to allow for up to 12 players to experience the game together and compete against each other. You can find details of this game in the marketplace together with in-depth online Blackjack reviews at the website for Xbox.

Sony have released a couple of smaller games that look to exploit the true classic feel of casino card games. Card Shark is a game that looks and feels very similar to the classic forms of the game, although the theme and simplicity makes it a popular choice for gamers looking to experience the gambling phenomena. The aim is to beat the dealer in a game of Blackjack and simply keep on piling up the winnings. Whilst it lacks flair and modernization, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer. An alternative is Everybody’s Arcade, a game that looks to appeal to a wider audience thanks to its colorful design and simplistic values. The Playstation store can be located at

Despite Nintendo’s popularity amongst a family audience and their ability to appeal to people of all ages, they have not held back in trying to create the most realistic form of Blackjack on our consoles to date. V.I.P Casino: Blackjack is a game that looks to replicate the conception of the pressure experienced in a real-life Blackjack scenario. The 3-D graphics and first-person camera create the atmosphere every keen card-gamer looks for. The quality of graphics make the game easy to play and get used to, whilst keeping the complex Blackjack scenarios that you may have to face. Look for these great games at the Wii-Ware store at

All-in-all, the progression of Blackjack throughout the world has aided the gradual development of the game and the different variations of this popular card game that are now available across the gaming world. You’ll even find sites which teach beginners how to play blackjack or which allow people to play blackjack online for free! With so much to experience there is no doubting the further progression of what has become such an appealing card game.

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