G*M*S Magazine gets sponsored!

FunQ_logo_outlines[1]Yes my dear friends, the magazine is sponsored by no other than Fun Q Games, creators of games like Triplica and Befuzzled.

After a few weeks of conversation and agreements, I am really proud to have Fun Q Games on board with G*M*S Magazine. I can honestly say I haven’t found many games companies out there that are more genuinely nice and honest as this guys.

You will see the banner for their new and upcoming game Befuzzled in the magazine and I ask you please to visit their website. If you’re looking for a fun, quick and extremely easy game, you should try Triplica. In this game, you play against your opponents to get three symbols in a row in a Tic-Tac-Toe style, but more fun and just as easy to play.

I am really proud to be sponsored by the guys at Fun Q Games. I can think of very few companies that deserve the exposure and hope G*M*S Magazine will be a good source of customers in the future.

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