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Hardcore gamers have hundreds of boardgames.  It’s an addiction, but there are certainly worse things to be addicted to.

It also makes them dreadfully hard to buy things for without having them directly ask.  How can you keep up with their ever shifting inventory?  Here’s a few ideas for the gamer who just has all the games they want right now.


Custom Made Artisan Dice

These dice ain’t cheap.  But, well, frankly, it doesn’t matter, because they’re awesome.  They use over 110 exotic woods to make these amazing little art pieces.  It started with standard 6-siders, but on Kickstarter they’ll be doing a run of Poly dice, similar to the jobolio set you see here.

Being they’re wood – they’re all unique.  Different grains will make each set it’s own creation.  They do all sorts of custom sets on request.  Different woods, different dice.  You really need to check out some of the incredible work these guys do over at

tray[1]The Dice Tray

OK, this is a little more for the average board gamer.  Dice trays rock.  They prevent cards and little miniature barbarians from being knocked over during a tense moment.

They can run you from under $20 to over $100.  Personally, I really like this octagonal one.  Why?  Because octagons are cool and that’s good enough for me.  You can get these at most better gaming supply shops locally or on line.

I know this sounds strange, but avoid a square one.  The dice can clump in the corners.  Round is nice.  But it’s not octagonal.

Some players like Dice Towers.  Eh.  It doesn’t feel enough like rolling dice to me.  For dice based games like King Of Tokyo, Zombie Dice, or even Yahtzee, this ‘board’ really makes the game a lot easier to manage.

The Deck Box

deckbox[1]Let’s face it, a huge chunk of the non-video gaming community are those that play Magic, Pokemon, Yugioh and countless other card based games.  You know the players.

Fantasy Flight Games has come out this year with an awesome little deckbox for your favourite card player.  The new FFG DeckBox runs a modest $10.  It comes in a few colors and has 2 nifty features.  Feature one is a clear plate on the front where you can showcase a card that identifies your deck or whatever you like.  Feature two is a teeny little component case to keep life counters, fatigue markers or whatever that deck needs right with the deck.

It’s very simple, but it’s a well designed utility.  Most card gamers would welcome some of these in their arsenal.  Again, available at many game suppliers.


Wow.  Yeah, OK, we’re talking many thousands of dollars here.  But in case you’re wondering, yes, every serious boardgamer wants a table from Geek Chic.

There’s a bunch of different models, all customizable to whether you like roleplaying games, miniatures games, wargames, family games, whatever.  They tend to have this nifty recessed table top, so when a game has to stop in progress, you place the regular tabletop over it.  You can get wipe off board inserts, plexi overlays, all sorts of treats.  Some tables feature storage, some have fold out player areas.

The megalithic beast you see here is The Sultan, all decked out with more features than most luxury cars.  Before you start clearing the space, that’s $15,000 worth of table.  No, not a typo.  Fifteen.  Thousand.  Dollars.  But come one, look at that thing!

OK, so they make a ton of other models with different layouts and features, you don’t have to go that high.  But they are gorgeously crafted pieces, and if you’re looking to replace a dining room table soon, why on get something awesome like one of these?

This is one of the first bits of furniture I’m buying for my castle when I win the lottery.

‘Til next turn,
The Piecekeeper


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  1. This is a FANTASTIC list! I want all of those things!

  2. I own two pieces of Geek Chic furniture and can say that anyone after a new table should check out what they offer. I have a custom GM’s Valet (I got the honor of having the first wider and taller model) and a coffee table. When we renovate our kitchen we’re totally getting a new table from them.

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