Game On Tabletop Interview: Magonomia with author Andrew Gronosky

Magonomia is the first RPG by Shewstone Publishing funding and funded in Game On Tabletop at the time of publishing this video.

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Authored by Andrew Gronosky and using #FATE as its game engine, Magonomia is a TTRPG of wizardry based on a Rennaissance England time.

From the publisher’s page:

Come play a wizard in Enchanted England! Follow the footsteps of legendary magicians such as Paracelsus, Christian Rosenkreutz, and Queen Elizabeth’s astrologer and conjurer, Dr. John Dee. Encounter creatures of sixteenth-century literature and legend: the elemental spirits from Shakespeare’s The Tempest; the witches of MacBeth; Black Shuck, the hound of ill omen; the faerie King Oberon and his court. Venture beyond your laboratory in your quest for mystical knowledge, for only by following your destiny can you unlock your potential. Magic is the secret that cannot be told. If you remain true to your purpose, you may even reveal the secret, mystical laws of the universe: the Magonomia!®

Your wizard’s spells are based on real-world magical beliefs from sixteenth-century Europe. This is a time when a magician can practice openly and earn riches and honor. Together, the wizards explore mysteries in a world that unites the intrigue and exploration of the Elizabethan era with legends of faeries, witches, curses, and prophecies. Enchanted England is a place of wonder and peril, a land ripe for adventure!

What destiny do your stars foretell?

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