Forsooth! Makes Its Entrance

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forsoothcv_FRONT_webresSpoiled Flush Games releases Shakespearean RPG

BOSTON, Mass., July 22, 2012 — The ultimate Shakespeare RPG made its stunning debut today, to thunderous applause from groundlings everywhere. Spoiled Flush Games today released Forsooth!, the hotly-anticipated, expanded version of the Game Chef-winning game of the same name. Forsooth! is an innovative, new story game that blends high drama with improv comedy.  If you love theatre, or literature, or being a complete ham for the amusement of your friends, this game is for you.

“We wanted to make a simple, fun game that any Shakespeare fan could pick up and play, a game that really captured the essence of what made the bard so awesome,” says co-creator Kevin Spak. “And that meant making possibly the most role-playing intensive, game ever.”

Forsooth! challenges three-to-six players to improvise one of Shakespeare’s greatest lost works. There’s no need for a game master, no need to prepare anything in advance, and the rules take just minutes to learn. From cast generation to curtain call, a game lasts around two or three hours, and a handy Cliff Notes edition allows for even faster game play – right around 90 comedy-or-drama-packed minutes.

“At its heart, Forsooth! is an improv game,” explains co-creator Sam Liberty. “But we wanted to layer a little strategy on top of that. So we’ve introduced a number of mechanics, like soliloquies and asides, that let the players change their characters’ fates and improve their position for the final curtain call.”

Forsooth! was previewed at Jiffycon Boston last week to rave reviews. “This is a game that uses its source material, not just as props, but as an integral living breathing part of the experience,” said Zeke Russell of the Brilliant Gameologists podcast. “Its rules are clever and engaging and allow you to do some wonderful silly stuff, while still moving play forward.”

Print copies of Forsooth! are available for $14 on, and through It will also soon be available at select brick and mortar stores, and from Indie Press Revolution. Look for PDF copies there as well, and at, for $10 each.

About Spoiled Flush Games

Spoiled Flush Games is a two-man game design studio that creates a wide variety of different kinds of games, from roleplaying games to intense board games to light-hearted party games. Designers Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty have been quoted in the Boston Globe, and the New England news magazine TV show Chronicle, and will be presenting at TEDxBoston on June 22. Their first board game, Cosmic Pizza is due out this year from Cambridge Game Factory.


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