Fly the Mad Zeppelin!

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Mad Zeppelin! The Empire grows fat from the wealth of its distant colonies and a corrupt tyrant rules it with an iron fist. The armoured zeppelin Nostria is on its way home to the imperial capitol, its hold filled with precious cargo. The Emperor has hand-picked a team of his most loyal subjects to guard it. Little does he know that the ship has been infiltrated by enemy spies bent on undermining the Empire by stealing the cargo and throwing it overboard to henchmen on the ground below. The spies are dedicated not only to undermining the Empire, but also each other. Which spy will achieve this goal the fastest?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the imminent release of Mad Zeppelin, a card game of treason aboard the airship Nostria for two to six players*. In Mad Zeppelin, players will take on the roles of spies plotting against a corrupt tyrant, and each other, racing to be the first to steal enough cargo from the hold to achieve their goal of undermining the Empire.

There are fourteen different traitor characters – each with an agenda and a unique special ability – and in each round players will choose two of them to execute their nefarious plans. The goal of the game is not only to steal the most from the hold, but to do so before any of the other players and before the zeppelin reaches its final destination.

Players must think on their feet, adjusting their strategies to suit the randomly flying direction of the ship, as well as to whichever spies are currently active. Each round is different so adjust your plans accordingly!

For more information on Mad Zeppelin, please visit the game’s new home page by following this link.

* Formerly published by AEG Games and unchanged from the original printing.


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