Fields of Battle : Castles & Crusades

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8121_big[1] War is an evil thing; but it is not the most evil of things. For where evil reigns peace must suffer and the world’s want be lost in the wages of blood. It is here, where evil sows its seeds of destruction, that the brave must forever rise up to champion those that are true. And so it always has been, and always will be, that the wages of evil are spent upon the Fields of Battle.
These are miniature battle rules based upon the Castles & Crusades Siege Engine™. With them in hand you can run small or large scale battles in any role playing game. This simple, straight-forward, and easy to use system easily simulates battles between hundreds and even thousands of combatants in a single gaming session. The Fields of Battle™ modification to the Siege Engine™ places the PCs and their arch enemies on the same battlefield right alongside the forces of combatants, allowing their skills and abilities to have a direct impact on the wars that they wage.
Playable with all miniatures the Fields of Battle™ version of the Siege Engine™ is designed for quickness and ease of use. The focus is not upon the miniatures, but the game! Enjoy the supplied markers or make up your own; take out your old Ral Partha miniatures or bring some of Reaper’s finest to the table either and all ways work with the Fields of Battle play set.
By its very nature the Castles and Crusades® fantasy role playing game lends itself readily to blending classic battlefield struggles into your adventures Fields of Battle builds upon that and brings a whole new level of development to your gaming table.


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