Faces of the tarnished Souk

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88858[1]By Thilo Graf 

Faces of the tarnished Souk – Le Loup Solitaire

This pdf from Rite Publishing is 10 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, 2 pages of ads, leaving 5 pages for the 3 incarnations of Le Loup Solitaire.

The pdf kicks off, as the other FotTS-books, with a one-page background of the NPC in question, including dream-burning information, a lore-section and a how-to-use-box, containing several possible usages for the NPC.

After that, we get the 3 incarnations of the lonesome freedom fighter who single-handedly opposes the Khan. It should be noted that Rite Publishing has taken my criticism of the last FotTs-character to heart and this time, we once again get three complex characters that might be an evolution of the same being, but could also be used parallel in the same campaign as different beings. NICE!

Who or what is Le Loup Solitaire? Let’s start in an inverted order, at the lowest CR:

  • His CR 6 incarnation is a rather mundane half-orc fighter 3/rogue 4. Ok, but nothing too far out.
  • His mid-level incarnation (CR 13) goes one step further: Here, he is a inflicted werewolf half-orc fighter 7/rogue6 and we get stats for both his humanoid and his hybrid form. However, what truly blew me away was:
  • His high-level incarnation (CR 21, baby!) is a natural werewolf pack lord half-orc fighter 8/rogue 11 with a magic, silver-bayonet-studded rifle that can be loaded with wands (before all the gunpowder haters start groaning – read again – it’s a wand-rifle!). He also gets the Alpah Cap, which gets it’s own piece of artwork and 2 statblocks are provided – one for his non-animal hybrid form and one for his animal form. His statblocks are a beauty to behold and he just oozes coolness.


Layout adheres to the 2-column-RiP-standard, the two pieces of original b/w-artwork (Le Loup and the cap) are nice and I didn’t notice any editing mistakes, nor any typos. This is it, once again – beautiful statblocks, one (or three!) character(s) you immediately want to implement into your campaign. Statting Lycanthropes, especially at this level, is a royal pain and the weapon that will one day be his own undoing is just rife with tragedy and coolness. I don’t have anything to complain about, this is an excellent addition to the series, on par with Ahnkar-Kosh – my final verdicts is 5 stars.

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