Dust Tactics

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Dust Tactics

Dust Tactics

The year is 1947 and the great war that began eight years ago has yet to end.

Instead, the massive conflict stretches around the globe and only a handful of countries have managed to hang on to relative neutrality. As it has grown larger, old alliances have been broken and new ones have formed. The leading powers of the past have reassembled into three huge blocs, fighting for exclusive control over a revolutionary ore: Vk.

This ore is shrouded in mystery. Rumors have spread claiming the secrets of Vk were revealed by aliens from another planet…but who can take such talk seriously after so many years of patently false war propaganda?

What we do know amounts to this – Vk exhibits such extraordinary properties that military engineers from every faction have begun to design new machines that are among the most advanced armaments ever created. Tanks now stride powerfully across the earth, bristling with deadly weaponry.

Vk has the peculiar trait of only being found in the most inhospitable places on Earth: deserts, jungles, and desolate steppe lands are dotted with it. The largest quantities are found in Antarctica, now the site of some of this war’s harshest battles. Each bloc is on a fierce quest to deprive the enemy of the precious ore, deploying elite troops and fearsome combat robots to the harsh, arctic wasteland in the hopes to recover more of the rare Vk for themselves.

The Second World War rages on…

Welcome to Dust Tactics – an alternate historical background for a magnificent tactical miniatures board game filled with cinematic gameplay, fierce combat, and a clean rules set with enough depth for gamers of all types. Dust Tactics pits two to four players in furiously paced battles to determine the fate of the world, in an immersive setting, with stunning miniatures. Whether you’re a fan of tabletop miniatures, enjoy strategy games, or highly thematic board games, you owe it to yourself to check out Dust Tactics!

A Dispatch From the Front Lines

A Dispatch From the Front Lines

Last Friday we made public our new publishing partnership between Fantasy Flight Games and Dust Games, as well as our plans to bring a number of new games into the FFG fold, including Dust TacticsCadwallon: City of Thieves, Mad Zeppelin and Arcana.

Amid the excitement of the announcement there have been questions and concerns. Today we want to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Dust Tactics, and additional details about our plans for the product line. Hopefully you’ll find the answers you’re looking for below.

Gen Con 2010 Events

All previously scheduled Gen Con events for Dust Tactics, Cadwallon: City of Thieves, Mad Zeppelin and Arcana will run at their original dates and times.

In a recent change however, these games have relocated to the FFG board game hall (ICC: 125)

After considering the pros and cons of changing the event location, we realized that it would be in the players’ best interests to consolidate all the FFG events into a single room. Thankfully we managed to rearrange our board game hall to accommodate everyone!

Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish players will still receive their decal sheets and free figure; the players from the most winning bloc (either Allies or Axis) will still receive their promotional robot on Sunday; and every Dust Tactics player’s name is still going to be entered for a chance to win one of two beautiful sets of Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition.

Therefore, with the sole exception of having relocated those four games to our primary board game hall so we can best support your games, none of the already established Gen Con plans for these games have changed.

If you are a Gen Con event ticket holder and have any questions, either refer to the Gen Con events page or send us an email directly, with GEN CON EVENTS QUESTIONS as the subject.

Dust Tactics Core Set

Dust Tactics Core Set

Dust Tactics Core Set Information

Thousands of excited game players will have their first opportunity to play Dust Tactics at Gen Con 2010, both at the ticketed events, as well as by participating in our ongoing demo games at the Fantasy Flight Games booth.

Gen Con also marks the world premiere release of the product to the public. The very first shipments of the Dust Tacticscore set will be made available for purchase at the Fantasy Flight Games booth.

Dust Tactics is priced at $99.95 and includes everything you need to open the box and play, including:

  • 1 platoon of Allied forces, composed of 2 robots, 3 squads totaling 15 soldiers, and 1 hero
  • 1 platoon of Axis forces, composed of 2 robots, 3 squads totaling 15 soldiers, and 1 hero
  • 4 ammo crates and 2 tank traps
  • 9 large, double-sided playing surface tiles depicting both an indoor and outdoor environment
  • 12 Unit reference cards with all necessary gameplay stats
  • 18 double-sided obstacle tiles
  • A set of quick-start rules, a full rulebook & the “Operation: Blue Thunder” Scenario Booklet

The eight scenarios can be played individually or in series as a campaign, and offer a great deal of variety and re-playability with the contents of a single core set. Be sure to stop by early as we will be limited only to the units on hand, and once they sell out you’ll have to wait for the general release in September.

Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition Information

We’re proud to present our second Dust Tacticsrelease at Gen Con – Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition.

The Dust Tactics core set figures are primed in two separate colors, green for the Allied forces, and grey for the Axis forces. This primed surface is perfect for the miniatures painter or hobbyist to jump right in, even just for a few minutes of weathering the models. If you’re not interested in the extra steps of painting, the simple colors allows you to play immediately without any confusion of which models belong to which side.

On the other hand, the Dust Tactics Deluxe Editionmodels are professionally painted to an extraordinary standard. If you want to an advance look at the quality of these models take a look at the images you see pictured in the campaign book, or stop by the FFG booth at Gen Con. The Dust Tactics Deluxe Edition will be the pride of any gamer’s collection.

Further information and pricing details for this very limited edition will be revealed in the near future, and a small number will be available for sale at the Fantasy Flight Booth at Gen Con 2010.

The Best of Both Worlds

Regardless of which edition you play first, Dust Tactics starts as a tactical miniatures board game designed to be accessible and playable within moments of opening the box. The eight included scenarios, unit stat cards, and rules mechanics are meant to be played across a board built using the nine scenery tiles. This makes it quick and easy to set up a playing surface, lay out terrain and cover, establish deployment positions for each player, then jump right into play.

We will also be releasing a full set of rules to allow you to play Dust Tactics as a traditional tabletop miniatures game, without any need for a board. These rules will be offered as a free downloadable PDF from our website, and will be announced some time after we return from Gen Con.

In Summary

At the moment everybody at FFG is in frenzied preparation for Gen Con, but we  wanted to answer some of these most common questions. We appreciate your enthusiasm as well as your concern. It takes a passionate player base to make a great game successful, and based on your response we’re thrilled about what’s coming down the pipe! Keep checking back for our next Dust Tactics article, when we’ll introduce the core mechanics of the game including movement and activation.

See you then…


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