Dragon Raiders NPC submission: Brother Ramiro.

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This is one of the entries I have submitted to Margaret Weis Productions when she called for ideas and submissions for NPCs for their forthcoming game Dragon Raiders.

Hope you like it!

Brother Ramiro was born blind and quickly abandoned at birth by unknown parents. Ramiro was left at the door of the St. Geronimo’s monastery when he was but 3 days old. The only possessions, a letter that says “I am sorry, Son” and a locket with the photograph of a woman that has never been identified. However since Ramiro was rescued by the monks, various anonymous donations over the years have saved the order in more than one occasion.

Ramiro can’t see a physical thing. However he can indeed see the lines that form Magick. Where we see buildings, he can see the sheer power that holds it together. Where we see an enchanted weapon, he can see the sigils that empower it. Furthermore he can easily change them and alter Magic almost instinctively. He has been approached by the Arcanum numerous times, but he has always refused to join any other organisation, religious or otherwise. When someone has tried to force him to follow, his impressive, yet harmless, demonstration of power has sufficed to deter anyone.

Things have changed now, though. Ramiro has packed his meagre possessions and left the monastery. The only explanation he’s given so far: “Things are about to change, and I can help”.

Ramiro is travelling now, making a living as a skilled magician and looking for whatever it is that’s going to change. Even though he doesn’t know, his faith in God is motivating enough to continue his journey until he’s found a resolution.


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