Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG Unboxing

dw-rpg-11thdrOne of the most amazing features of a role playing game is that it enable us to be our heroes. We can be who we would like to be and do things that are impossible. And it should be fun!

An RPG that takes a well known hero and brings him close to us and enables us to play those heroes take a great risk. The risk of disappointing us.

That is what Cubicle 7 has done with the Doctor Who: Adventure in Time and Space RPG, take a risk. Both because people will have great expectations of the game,and secondly because it is a dear license for the BBC and great care has to be taken to portray the much loved TV series as well as possible.

So, has Cubicle’s 7 managed to create a product that lives up to the price you have to pay to get it and reflects the TV series to its best?

Let’s find out!

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time unboxed!
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