D20 Cartographer: Cleric’s Cathedral Map Pack

clerics-cathedral-map-pack[1]By Megan Robertson

A fine cathedral to preach the good news about your deity, engage in intrigue or whatever else you want…

Publisher’s blurb: “Have the local clergy gone mad with power, turning to dark forces to aid them in their conquest of the city? Is a goblin war band reading themselves for an assault on the cathedral, and only you stand in the way of the slaughter? Have you been forced to take sanctuary in in this massive structure until the whole murder charge thing blows over? With D20 Cartographer, we make the maps and you make the story.

Cleric’s Cathedral is the first in a series of One Dollar Dungeon maps, which represent convenient starting points or class-specific locals for each of traditional RPG character class. The Cleric’s Cathedral is a massive 165′ x 130′ structure with attached catacombs laid out in the typical 1 in. = 5 ft. map format.”

Megan’s review

It’s not just beautiful, it’s useful and versatile as well!

For a start, this map set is good to look at. Better, it starts spawning ideas as soon as you start to explore a cathedral replete with back offices, nooks and crannies, a cloister in which to contemplate the teachings of your deity and even a pulpit from which to preach to the faithful! And that is just the DM’s overview map… never mind when you start to enjoy the full-scale ones.

You get a whole bunch of resources here. If you have access to a large-scale printer, maybe at a copy shop, you can print out poster-sized maps in full colour or greyscale (which works well if you can get hold of parchment-effect paper…). For normal tabletop use, your home printer can churn out a ‘sliced’ version at A4 or letter size, which you can stick together as needed. If you play online using a virtual table-top, you not only have the map to play with in convenient sections, there are a whole collection of additional bits and pieces to place as you please, the sort of paraphernalia you might find in a fantasy/mediaeval place of worship (although purists might quibble that it’s an ‘altar’ not an ‘alter’ – an easy mistake to make).

The detail, the quality of the rendering, is quite exceptional, verging on the photo-realistic. It’s a pleasure just to look at, and if you are on the search for a religious centre for your game, there is considerable scope here. I can feel ideas coming on already…

Book Details:
Author: Joshua Bennett
Publishers’ Reference: Unknown
ISBN: n/a
PDF, 63 pages
Date: May 2011

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