Colonial Gothic campaign begins

Colonial GothicRogue Games is proud to announce the release of “Boston Besieged,” the first installment in the “Flames of Freedom” campaign for its historical horror RPG “Colonial Gothic.

” The Revolutionary War has just begun, and the Heroes must deal with kidnappers, ghouls, secret societies, and an ancient evil against the backdrop of the historical siege of Boston.

“Boston Besieged” is the fifth print title in the “Colonial Gothic” line, which also includes a range of e-books starting at just 99 cents. The “Flames of Freedom” campaign will be co-written by “Colonial Gothic” creator Richard Iorio II and veteran roleplaying writer Graeme Davis, who co-authored the acclaimed “Enemy Within” campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay among many other credits.

“Boston Beseiged” is available in print and electronic versions from good game stores and online retailers, and direct from the Rogue Games store

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