Chaosium's Lynne Hardy: Realism vs Verisimilitude in Roleplaying Games

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#Chaosium's Lynne Hardy: Realism vs Verisimilitude in #Roleplaying #Games

Chaosium’s line Editor Dr. Lynne Hardy is a true expert on the matter of finding gaps and holes in stories and #RPGs, and thus, she knows a lot about our topic: Reality vs. Verisimilitude.

Whether it is a Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction or any other genre, we deal with things in-game that are totally impossible and yet, they are accepted as realistic.

Trouble is that more often than not people mean verisimilar rather than realistic. And that difference means a lot.

When we say realistic we are imposing a series of norms and laws of physics, society, biology, etc. that correspond with our world’s. When we say verisimilar, we mean that they make sense, that they feel real event though they are not.

So how and when should we stop reality to justify verisimilitude? What are the boundaries and how does it get implemented?

Hope you enjoy the show!

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