Carnival Row RPG is a good sign!

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Carnival Row RPG is a good sign!

Carnival Row RPG

Carnival Row RPG is out. The series doing its rounds in Amazon video to the delight of a lot of people who have told me it is a truly excellent show albeit a complicated one to watch. But what does this RPG mean for the hobby?

The series written by Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) has received a huge budget to be produced – by the looks of it… I have no idea what the numbers are – and it will have a second season, which means it’s working well enough.

The thing is that there was no RPG announcement for the series until recently. Contrary to what happened to the The Expanse RPG, or even the Dragon Age game years ago. And looking at the free document that can be downloaded directly from The Nerdist website.

The game has been written and designed by Eric C. Campbell, from Geek and Sundry fame, which is also quite interesting. And to make matters even better, Monte Cook Games has been involved and this game uses the Cypher System.

Even though I think this is good news, I think there is more to be done before we can truly celebrate that RPGs are getting the recognition they deserve. For starters they could have paid Monte Cook Games to develop a full game with Campbell.

Developing an RPG is a minuscule fraction of what a production like Carnival Row costs, so why stopping at a small 38 pages document… I have no idea why.

In any event, this is good news and a good sign, so what else could be done to make sure the Carnival Row game doesn’t go unnoticed?

Well.. that is down to us. More info in the video!

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