Boardgame video unboxing: Cosmic Empires

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pic1448825_t[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

To say that going to going to Spiel gives you the chance of meeting game designers and see games that otherwise would be close to impossible to see is like saying that the Moon orbits the Earth.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you haven’t heard of Cosmic Empires because, quite frankly, you haven’t been to Spiel. And even if you have, there’s been so much awesomeness in that show that you can’t possibly see everything.

But I can show you!

Cosmic Empires is a game by Alexander Gyulai, from Innovative Games Creation. A game for 2 to 5 players, it’s an area control game with modular board and some really cool art in the cover.

But is the production worth the effort you’d have to go through in order to get a copy?

Let’s find out!

Paco Garcia Jaen unboxes Cosmic Empires


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