Board game interview: Alien Artifacts at Spiel 2017

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Board game Alien Artifacts Interview at Spiel 2017

You won’t believe how enthusiastic Ignacy is about Alien Artifacts. And why! And you won’t believe how much I want to play this game now!

You see, there is something about Ignacy Trzewiczek, and I don’t mean a surname that makes my dyslexic mind go into a frenzy whenever I have to type it – thank goodness for copy/paste! There are a number of things, actually. The fact he is very adventurous with the games he designs and publishes, or the fact that those games tend to be very good. Or the fact that he has a knack for finding out very good games worth getting interested in.

Alien Artifacts seems to be one of those games, and Ignacy’s enthusiasm is infectious. Infectious enough that I went and bought the game as soon as I finished interviewing him.

Thing is, though, Ignacy tends to like complex and complicated games, so I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about the game. Not because I dislike complex games, but because being dyslexic I have great difficulties unravelling complex rules. And yet… this one appealed.

A game of intergalactic expansion, battling and conquest, Alien Artifacts provides every round with some resources that players must use wisely in order to increase their power and seek victory.

With an element of exploration to balance things out between the fighting and the gathering, this should scratch a few itches.

I managed to ask a few questions to Ignacy about Alien Artifacts at Spiel and get an idea about why this game has him so hyped up.

Quite frankly, I am always happy to hear Ignacy talk about games because few people I know are as passionate as he is about the subject, but with this one… you can tell he is really into it.

Hope you enjoy the interview and give Alien Artifacts a go. I reckon it will be well worth it.


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