BattleCon: War of Indines unboxing video

61iC9YfybuL._SL500_AA300_[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

This unboxing video brings you the contents of BattleCon: War of Indines, a fighting card game by Level 99 Games and designed by Brad Talton Jr.

I was lucky enough to see this game in its prototype version and the evolution to full grown up game has been a fantastic one. The box is neat, the components are excellent and the game, if you’re to believe what people say, plays very well!

This unboxing is not intended to be a review of the game, but to give you an idea of how well made the game is and how much you get for your money when you purchase it.

Paco Garcia Jaen unboxes BattleCon: War of Indines from Level 99 Games.


This is what the publisher’s website says:

BattleCON is a fast-paced head to head card game for 2 players, based loosely around the mechanics and tactics present in 2D fighting games. In BattleCON, two to four players choose characters with unique abilities and powers to test against one another in a battle of tactics, strategy, and intuition.”

BattleCON forms attacks by combining a character’s unique styles with a set of generic bases, which all characters share. Because of this system of combined attacks, every fighter plays differently, yet all share a similar metagame which makes picking up and playing new characters easy. In addition, each character has a unique special power which gives them additional strategic options.

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