Avalon Games Company releases Servants of Gaius paper miniatures

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105139[1]Avalon Games Company has recently released a set of paper miniatures for Servants of Gaius, the Roman history based role playing.

The PDF features a colourful collection of period characters and classical beasts. Containing 12 Roman figures and 11 monsters this packet has something for every campaign. It also offers creatures unique to the Servants of Gaius setting:

Romans: Centurion, Equestrian, Female Noble, Gladiator, Neptune Cultist, Peregrini, Plebian Female, Plebian Male, Priestess of Isis, Female Slave, Senator and Praetorian Guard Monsters and Beasts: Chimera, Cyclops, Dominator, Elephant, Faun, Hippocampi, Impersonator, Lurker, Lion, Ketea, and Screamer.

For use with Servants of Gaius or any Roman-based RPG.

Servants of Gaius paper miniatures is available from:


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