RPG review – EPOCH, an RPG of character-driven survival horror

By Jonathan Hicks There comes a time when you just want to sit down and blast out a quick game that everyone can enjoy, and in which you don’t have to spend much time and effort preparing for. There comes a time when you want to let the pressures of GMing go for a little […]

Tips on creating moments of high drama in an RPG

It might sound like a bad thing to say but let’s face it; a lot of roleplaying games are really two-dimensional. You have sword fights, defeat the monsters and bad guys, solve mysteries and blast about in high-spec ships popping bolts of light at the enemy. There’s magic and explosions and lasers and bombs and monsters and…. that’s pretty much it.

Hulks & Horrors – A new game, a new GM, and a fresh set of eyes

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