Aleshka, scourge of the H’apesh

By Paco Garcia Jaen

Recently, at my university course, we had to come up with a character. Any character. Being the sort of person I am, I decided a character didn’t have to be human, though most people around me decided it had to be. I didn’t care.. I didn’t make mine human. Then I was told I had to portray my character in a nasty way, just as nasty as she was.

This what came out after 10 minutes of writing!

Aleshka, scourge of the H’apesh

Cast away from the rest of her tribe, Aleshka grew up to be a dangerous and bitter H’apesh wish no desire for anything than death and destruction.

Taunted by other children in the tree-village for being shorter than the rest, she murdered her young brother in front of the other children to prove she was stronger than anyone. He was just three weeks old, barely strong enough to fly and unable to cast spells.

Aleshka flew away when she was cast into exile by the tribe A’aparii and swore she would bring misery and death to those who mocked her.

Ruthless, arrogant and despicably evil, she sneaks into the tribe once or twice a year and finds the youngest born. The evils ways she uses to kill them are much too horrific to be described in this book.

Worse still is that sometimes those children come back from the realms of death to taunt and haunt their parents and, if they are any, siblings.

Aleshka is only 2 inches shorter than the average in her village. The taunting she received was not so, but advances from a boy, no more than 3 inches taller than she is. The sick and twisted mind of Aleshka used it as an excuse to carry out her atrocities. She knows what she is doing and she hopes one day she will become the Se’en’tarum, she who brings all under her control, and enslave her kind both in this life and the next.

Aleshka’s H’apesh heritage has been lost everywhere but her voice. She is still a slender and lithe creature, though she has changed somewhat. Her hair is oily and black and unkempt. Her teeth sharp and yellowed by the consumption of unholy substances. Her hands have grown sharp and long nails that still carry remains of blood and flesh of her last victim. She uses her lovely voice to attract unwary travellers with songs that can’t be rivalled even by other H’apesh. Her body, slender and sensual is just another tool she uses to attract her victims and she strikes without mercy or remorse. She flies silently with blackened wings that are no longer those of a H’apesh. Another trait of her demise. The only thing that betrays her presence is the horrid smell from her breath. Next time you smell something too unpleasant to bear, you know Aleshka is nearby. Hide your children.

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