Alcatraz to be released by Z-Man

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0000920_300[1]Kuźnia Gier, a Polish publishing company known for such games as Wolsung, The Witcher and last year’s Essen releases – Alcatraz: the Scapegoat and Top-A-Top – is proud to inform that Alcatraz is going to be worldwide available via Filosofia Games, Z-Man Games Inc. 

Alcatraz: The Scapegoat is a cooperative board game for 3–4 players which features a unique traitor mechanism. The players take the roles of prisoners who are planning to escape from Alcatraz together. But it is known in advance that not everyone is going to succeed…

The prisoners planning to escape carry out particular tasks, each constituting one of the six elements of the plan. Those players who together manage to carry out all 6 elements and escape in time win the game. However, the players mustn’t be too slow. If there is a full complement of guards in the prison, the plan falls apart and they lose the game.
Filosifa Inc. was established in 2001 in Montreal. Initially a distributor of games in the French language version, the company soon turned into one of the biggest game producers in the world. Z-Man Games is its part, while Asmodee, Days of Wonder and Haba cooperate with Filosofia closely, with Settlers of Catan and Carcassone being the examples of their best-known releases. Now Kuźnia Gier from Poland has the team too after concluding the license deal for Alcatraz: the Scapegoat.

You can watch an unboxing video of this game by clicking here.


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