Adventures in Oz Character Sheets

91660[1]By Kimberly Moser

The Adventure in Oz character sheets are seventeen pages in length. The first fifteen pages are sample sheets detailed for some of the more famous of the Ozian characters like Dorothy, Frogman, Shaggy Man and many others. The pre-filled in sheets include whimsical drawings of the characters and are quite good. The final two sheets are blank. One is intended for humanoid shaped creatures and the second is for four-footed creatures.

Each character sheet provides areas for basic character information like skills traits, template, name and wits damage. The character sketch area has check boxes available to indicate damage points for areas of the body. There is a place for a brief character description as well as lists of friends and notes. With these character sheets a game can be up and running in a very short time.

The disadvantages of these sheets are that they are extremely basic and intended for character short-hand. After a few sessions a character will easily grow beyond the bounds of these papers. But the character sheets will remain handy for action sequences.

These sheets are a good addition to the Adventures in Oz game even if for nothing more than seeing how some of the characters are broken down into game facts. I give this product three out of five stars. They are short, sweet and to the point, but they are limited in use and are easily outgrown.

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