Achievement Feats by Tricky Owlbear Publishing

84235[1]By Thilo Graf

This pdf is 10 pages long, 1 page front cover and 1 page SRD, leaving 8 pages of feats.

I like the concept of achievement feats as a kind of reward for PCs that is not another magic item and, while I’d never give my players this book (to prevent meta-gaming) I welcome the idea. Now let’s check out the execution:

  • A Cog in the Clockwork Goddess: Use Master Craftman to create Golems.
  • A Friend to Beasts: Be a friend to beasts.
  • Abundant Fists: Get magic fists.
  • Addled Wits: Too many hits on the head make you braver.
  • All Gnolls must die: Carry a trophy, get bonuses against a kind of enemy.
  • Animal Friend: Wild Shape empathy with one kind of animal.
  • At your Fingertips: Casting the same spell x times from a wand gave it too you as a SP.
  • Beacon of Life: Channel Energy makes you lethal to Undead.
  • Centre of the Whirlwind: Peaceful martial artist.
  • Chainbreaker: Rescuer of the Oppressed.
  • Child of Wonder: Gnome-only, helps against bleaching.
  • Conditioned Rage: Extra Rage.
  • Contractually Obligated: Take 10 to negotiate contracts.
  • Cypher: Use Linguistics to disable glyphs as a rogue.
  • Deal Maker: People like you, make hostile people friendly.
  • Destroyer of Works: Ignore half of hardness, kill constructs.
  • Devil’s Foe: Good attacks slay devils.
  • Dragonslayer: Carry trophy, immune to frightful presence, bypass dragon-DR.
  • Elemental Preference: Befriend one type elemental, become enemy of another.
  • Flame-tested Survivor: Guarded from Flames.
  • Four Walls: Beig good at breaking from prisons.
  • Get out of my Way: Overrun/bull rush them away.
  • Giant Killer: Kill Giants.
  • Gifted Illusionist: Illsuion becomes spell-like ability.
  • Gifted Mesmerist: Charm or Compulsion as spell-like ability.
  • Graverisen: Evade Death.
  • Healer’s Touch: Get better at healing.
  • History of Scars: Penalty to CHA, natural armour.
  • Inherent Smite: Enemies you smite suffer for retaliation attacks.
  • Ingrained Casting: Scroll spell becomes spell-like ability.
  • Look over there: Kill via feint + sneak attack.
  • Lycanthropic Bane: Carry wolfbane, kill lycanthropes.
  • The Magic in Music: Cast both spells and play bardic music.
  • Master Alchemist: Better Alchemist fire.
  • Master Healer: Better at treating deadly wounds.
  • Master Slayer: Better killer of favoured enemies.
  • Master of Wands: Ignore wand-charges.
  • Mouse Stomper: Good at killing smaller creatures.
  • My Senses are tingling: Blindsense for you.
  • Pathfinder: Good at finding your way when lost.
  • Planewalker: Sense planar portals.
  • Relentless Butcher: Stunning Criticals.
  • Self-made Hero: Write your own legend.
  • Taint from the Other Side: Negative levels via your Crits.
  • Traps Can’t Touch me: Trap Sense.
  • Vital Life Force: Heal ability damage faster.
  • Wave Touch: Gain tremorsense in water.
  • Weak Life Force: Hide from Undead.
  • Whip Master: Blind opponents via Whip critical.
  • Without Warning: Act first, though your initiative is abysmal.

The file came with a bonus, a fluff-text on Sulliwa, the tainted forest. (1 page)I liked this bonus content.


Formatting and editing is top-notch, wording and presentation are concise. I Didn’t notice any typos.

As mentioned in the beginning, I like the concept of achievement feats. However, some of them seemed to be a bit off on the power-chart for my tastes and some had none of them really baffled me as genius. The bonus-file was a nice touch, though. I’ll settle for a 3.5-star rating, rounded down to 3 – a solid file that, if you like the idea, should check out. If you don’t like the idea, you still won’t like it after reading this book.

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