Ace of Spies Hangout with the creators

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By Paco Garcia Jaen

Ace of Spies is a card game of set collecting and sneakiness that comes from the minds of two first time designers, Michael Fox and Mark Rivera with playtesting and development by industry legend Richard Borg. Players take on the roles of spymasters, tasked with taking on missions and gathering the resources needed to complete them. The more complex a mission, the more specific your required resources will be – but it’ll also be so much more valuable!

This is the description in their Kickstarter page, but, as we all know, there is nothing like first hand experience and face to face contact with people to understand them properly.

The Internet doesn’t allow for that sort of contact to happen easily, but Google+ is a good second best alternative, so, for your enjoyment, here is the recording of our hangout on the 29th April 2012 wit Mark Rivera and Michael Fox.

The Ace of Spies gang talk to us, the Ace of Spies wannabes!


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