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mummyBy Henrik Ertzeid

Setting: Any AD&D setting

Location: Any mountainous area with a small town

Players: 2-8 players, levels 4-10

DM`s information

A 500 years old mummy has been discovered in an old crypt in the mountains near the town. The mummy is the body of a 18 year old princess, once sacrificed to the gods in an attempt to save the civilization from destruction. The princess was sacrificed against her will, and had to be forced to death.

In the floor of her crypt was also 8 priests buried. These priests were members of a now long forgotten wolf-church, and they sacrificed their lives voluntarily to guard the spirit of the princess. Together with these people was also treasures worth over 50.000 gp.

One of the adventurers owns a mansion outside the town, and the treasures are stored here.

The Adventurers:

Garl Glittersean: Human, Male,9th level Ranger, 17, 17, 14, 11, 14, 13, master at tracking, profession: Bounty Hunter. Weapons: Bastard Sword +2, dagger, Shortbow, 12 +1 flight arrows. Age: 51 yrs.

Sindarin Frotfield: Elf, Female, 7th level Mage, 13, 12, 12, 18, 15, 15, profession: Adventurer. Age: 235 yrs.

Therok Frind: Dwarf, Male, 9th level Fighter, 18(71), 9, 16, 13, 13, 8, profession: Adventurer, Weapons: Battleaxe, dagger, heavy crossbow, 12 heavy quarrels.

Age: 140 yrs.

Sirk Sleek: Halfling, Female, 10th level Thief, 11, 19, 12, 13, 13, 15, profession: Whichever she likes at the moment, Weapons: 2 knives, PP: 50%, HS: 80%, MS: 85%, HN: 50%, F/RT: 67%, CW: 63%, OD: 60%, RL: 15% Age: 43 yrs.

Tenkor Trutle: Human, Male, 7th level Cleric, 16, 13, 13, 10, 17, 10, profession: Priest/Adventurer, Weapons: Morningstar. Age: 47 yrs.

This group of adventurer had originally retired four years ago. But then, one day when Garl Glittersean was on his way to a nearby town, his wagon went of the road and got broken. In an attempt to walk back to his town through the mountains, he discovered an old trail. And by this trail he found a sealed of cave, thoroughly camouflaged to look like a normal mountain wall. Without the right equipment he could do nothing further. So he walked on back to his town. Upon arrival, he sent for Tenkor, whom lives in the town church. He told Tenkor about the discovery and asked if a last adventure would be possible. Tenkor agreed. Church funds were low and perhaps he would find a few trinkets worth something in that cave. Anyway it would be a great opportunity to meet with the others again. Tenkor summoned the last three members of the former group, which all lives in a larger city 16 miles away (or nearest large city).

After getting the right equipment, the group rode into the mountains.

After entering the cave, they found the golden coffin (7000 gp worth) containing the mummy, and 6 clay containers, containing gems, jewellery and other objects of art. (approx. 43.000 gp worth). They did not find the bodies of the priests, buried in the floor.

When the players arrive, the treasure is stacked at Garl’s mansion. Tenkor is living in the church as usual. And the other members of the NPC party are living at an inn in the town.

But when carrying the coffin into the mansion, it was accidentally dropped, and the clay tablet sealing the coffin closed got broken. The pieces of the tablet are now lying on a silver plate on a shelf besides the coffin. The tablet has an ancient inscription, explaining who the princess is, why she was buried and the story of the wolf-priests, who was supposed to guard her from waking up, as well as guarding her from tomb raiders. But reading this inscription requires several week of study by a skilled person (or magic). When the tablet was broken, the mummy woke up. When she woke up, her first intention was to prey upon some life form, so that she could drain the life force of the victim, and return to life herself. She needs one young human person every second day to remain in human form. In human for, she is extremely beautiful (Cha 17), has long brown wavy hair, brown eyes and slender. But she has still got her undead strength of 18(00). She sucks out life force by kissing (2 levels per rd.). Either she can use her strength to force someone to kiss her (attack roll needed) or by seducing someone into doing so (not too difficult). The victim does not feel the life force being drained and will therefore not resist the if kissing her voluntarily. Victims who has their life force sucked out, turn into a dry-frozen corpse immediately.

Unlike most mummies, she is not evil. Her only wish is to be allowed to live, and get a normal life. Unfortunately this involved killing others.

This is where the wolf-priests come in. Their job is to get the princess back to the coffin and seal it with the clay tablet. Therefore is vital that they get the tablet fixed and used, and they will kill if needed to find the tablet. The only person they will not kill is Tenkor, who’s religion is the same as that of the wolf-priests.

The mummy, calling herself Tasha, killed Garl’s daughter, Anita,(16 yrs old) as her first victim. She then put Anita in the coffin instead. Due to the freeze-drying of the corpse, Anita is not recognizable to her father anymore.

As the players arrive they get approached by Garl and his wife, wondering if the players have seen their daughter (they will describe her to the players). If the players are willing to go help looking, they will probably learn about the mummy and the cave by talking to locals and the NPC adventurers. If the players do not want to help searching, they will learn about the treasure and the mummy, through local rumours.

This is what the players should get to know:

1. The cave in the mountains belonged to the princess of an ancient civilization.

2. The treasures found are now stored at Garl’s place.

If they help Garl and his wife:

3. The broken tablet

4. That the mummy of a 18 year old princess was buried in the cave.

At dusk the same day, the players witness the first encounter between Garl and the wolf-priests (see end of text for more information on these spirits). The wolf-priests approach Garl in human shape, dressed in white robes, demanding the clay tablet. Garl is unarmed, and can not fight these spirits by him self. It’s up to the players to scare them of. The priests will withdraw when meeting heavy opposition. The DM MUST see to that the priests survive the encounter with the player, as they are needed later in the game.

As if troubles weren’t big enough, a party of thieves has broken into the mansion, stealing lots of arts and gems and also three of the seven parts of the clay tablet.

The Thieves:

Abrin Fingermaster: Half-Elf Male,5th level Thief, the leader of the gang.

Stats: 11, 17, 9, 12,12, 10. Abrin is a skinny, tall man, with the facial features of a rat. Weapons: Dagger, Short Sword and Hand Crossbow (12 poisoned hand quarrels, save vs. poison or die within 2-8 rds.)

Special profession: Poison making. PP: 70%, HS: 40%, MS: 45%, CW: 60%, OD: 35%, F/RT: 30%, RL: 5%

Frondor The Fine: Elf Male, 3rd level Thief/Mage. Stats: 10, 14, 10, 15, 12, 16. Frondor is the brain of the group. He planned the whole theft, down to the last detail.

Weapons: Dagger +1. PP: 30%, HS: 40%, MS: 40%, CW: 60%, OD: 20%, RL: 20%, Bribe: 45%.

Dinkel The Dagger: Dwarf Male, 4th level Fighter. Stats: 18(32), 10, 15, 9, 8, 9. The group’s main man at arms. Specialized in the war hammer. Other weapons: Light Crossbow, Shortsword. His 15 light quarrels are loaded with the same poison as Abrin`s.

Brim The Brave: Halfling Male Thief, 2nd level. Stats: 8, 18, 12, 12, 12, 13. Brim’s name is actually a joke, that he made up himself, and most people who hear him say his name, would laugh loudly, as he’s just a small cowardly halfling. Weapon: Knife.

PP: 50%, HS: 50%, MS: 50%, CW: 55%, OD: 35%, F/RT: 30%, RL: 0%

After committing the crime the, the thieves fled into the mountains. But Garl hasn’t forgotten his art of tracking, and should have no problems tracking down the thieves within 2 days.

If the players join Garl and his friends in the hunt, this will happen:

The players (and the NPCs) will find the remaining parts of three of the thieves lying shattered around in the bottom of a valley, near a small lake. Abrin can be found in about 20-30 different parts, lying behind some large rocks. His short sword is lying broken close by. Frondor is the easiest one to spot. He’s pierced on a 10′ high, sharp pole of rock. Dinkel can be found at the edge of the lake, his war hammer still in his hands. His throat has been ripped out by what seems to be a large predator. He has also got big wounds at the abdomen and torso.

Around the valley there can also be found the tracks of what seems to be a heavy humanoid (approx 210lbs), tracks of wolves and also the tracks of a small humanoid (Brim), which leads over to the other side of the lake, where he can be found in a small cave, hiding, wounded. Garl has only a 50% chance of finding the tracks of the halfling. The halfling has been infected by the magical bite of the wolf-demon, and has therefore changed into a lesser wolf demon (see end of text for more info). He still looks as a halfling though. He will pretend to remember nothing as if he were in shock. He will agree to be taken prisoner if the players or NPCs wishes to take him.

DMs info: The thieves were attacked be the wolf-priest spirits, looking for the tablet. The joined forces and formed two wolf-demons (see end of text for more info on these creatures), easily killing the puny cutthroats. After retrieving the three pieces of the clay tablet, the priests parted into wolf shapes and started to move back to the city.

If the player didn’t join Garl, this is what will happen. In the four days that the NPC adventurers are gone two strange corpses will be found. (Tasha`s victims.) One is a 19 year old male, the other is a 16 year old girl, both locals. If the player wishes to try to find the killer, they will find no evidence of any sort.

As the NPC adventurers return, players will see Brim (chained), and the treasures being carried. If the players ask if anything is missing, they will hear about the three pieces of the clay tablet. If not, they will at least hear rumours about a strange predator in the mountains.

The sixth night, the players will meet Tasha. She will approach the players, preferably on the street, explaining that she’s new in town, and needs a place to live, for example an inn.

Special: If any of the male characters in the group has a charisma of 15 or more, and is willing to help her, she will fall in love with him. If this happens, the DM should try to make the player love her. She will NOT suck his life energy out when kissing him (but she’s probably going to kiss him). She will actually try to protect him, as her loved one. Remember that she only wants a normal life.

If none of the male characters does have a charisma of 15 or more, but helps her, she will look upon the person as a potential victim, trying to seduce him into kissing her. She will only kiss a person in private when draining the life force of the person.

If ANY of the players should behave rudely of bad to her, she will hunt him down later and force him/her to kiss her.

What happens now, depends of the last four pieces of the clay tablet:

If the players have it in their possession, they rule the game. If they show it to Tasha, she will say that she understands the inscriptions on the clay tablet, and that there is a curse on it. She will recommend that the player destroy it. If the players do so, they have made a fatal mistake.

If Tasha doesn’t see the tablet pieces or they don’t destroy it, the two wolf-demons will come at night to claim it. They will come in human shape, but will not hesitate to show their real shape, and will kill to get the pieces if the players as much as hesitate in giving it to them.

If the four pieces of the tablet is in the possession of any of the NPC adventurers except Tenko, the wolf-demons will kill the person and retrieve the pieces.

If it was in Tenkor`s possession, they will explain him the truth and ask for the clay tablet pieces. In that case, Tenkor will give them to the wolf-priests (since they are of the same religion).


If any of the pieces of the clay tablet was destroyed, some heavy magic will be needed to trap the mummy again. Otherwise, she must be killed.

If she fell in love with one of the players, this player should catch her as she drains the life force from another person, changing the person into a mummy. If she sees him, she will try to persuade him into accepting that she have to kill others in order to survive, explaining how her life was taken against her will, before she was given a chance to experience what life was. The player must then decide what to do. To kill her, to trap her, to continue loving her (not likely), to forget her or to pretend to be loving her and then betray her.

If the players should be suspicious of her for some reason, and check her room at the inn (or where she is staying) the seventh day or later, they will find the mummified corpse of one of the wolf-priests, hidden in the closet. He came to her to ask her to return to the life of the dead. She refused and forced him into kissing her.

If the players kill the wolf-priests the sixth night when they come to get the tablets (if the players had them), and they still have the four pieces intact, they must find the other three pieces. The wolf-priests hid these pieces in the inside the mummies coffin, at the foot-end.

If the wolf-priests gets all the pieces of the clay-tablet, they will put it together. When placing all the pieces together there will be a bright flash of light, and Tasha will be returned to the coffin. If Garl’s daughter was still in the coffin, she will be returned to her bed. The wolf-priests will then return back into eternity.


Tasha, Royal-Mummy:

Alignment: Neutral

Activity Cycle: Any

Intelligence: 14

Treasure: See above

Armor Class: 7

HD: 9 + 5

HP: 43

Thac0: 9

Number of Attacks: 1

Damage: by weapon +6 (Str 18(00))

Special Attack: Energy Drain, priest spells

Special Defense: +1 or better weapons needed to hit

Morale: 16

Size: M(5′)

Xp: 6000


In her true (mummy) form, she looks like a horrible, freeze-dried corpse with long dark hair (no bandages). When she has drained life, she looks like a beautiful woman (Cha 17), with brown wavy hair, brown eyes and a good looking body. She will always try to be friendly, even when draining the life of an innocent victim.


Tasha has a raw strenght of 18(00), which gives her +3 to hit and +6 to damage. She will use this strenght to force people into kissing her if they try to avoid it. It can also come in handy if she would have to wield a weapon. She drains two levels per round, but a person kissing her voluntarily will not feel anything until he/she drops dead. The energy drain is so strong that it will even kill undead, although she does not gain any life force from it.

She has also got the spell abilities of a 5th level priest. She needs to drain one person every second day to stay in human shape. If she doesn’t she will turn back to a mummy. And if she then doesn’t get to drain any life within 24 hours, she will return to the dead.

Wolf-priest Spirit:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Activity Cycle: Any

Intelligence: 12-16

Treasure: Nil

Number Appearing: 8

Armor Class: 6

HD: 6

Thac0: 14

Number of Attacks: 1 (4)

Damage: by weapon (in human form), 2-5 (in wolf form)

Special Attack: Priest Spells, Join Shape

Special Defense: Priest Spells, Shape Change, Only hit by +1 or silver weapons

Morale: 15

Size: M

Xp: 2000


In human form, the wolf-priests wear long white robes. They are all males between 40 and 50 years old of age, usually with short beard. They are usually armed with a dagger and sometimes a staff.

In wolf shape, they look like white-gray wolves, usually quite large for a wolf to be.

They can in both shapes choose between being ethereal and semi-transparent or in normal solid shape. In the first one they can walk through walls and other solid objects.

But no matter which shape they are in, a faint red glow can always be seen in the eyes. They can change between these four shapes as often as they will, but never more then once per round.


All Wolf-priest Spirits have a strenght of 17. They cast spells as 10th level clerics, from the same spheres as a druid.

And each of them can change shape between wolf and human.

Silver or magical weapons are needed to hit them, and silver weapons inflict only half damage.

The main defense/attack of the wolf-priests, is that four wolfpriests can go together and create a wolf-demon.

A wolf-demon has 10HD, maximum hitpoints, an armor class of 2, a magic resistance of 50%, Thac0: 8, an effective strenght of 20, four attacks per round, each inflicting 1-10 in damage, the spell abilities of a 14th level cleric. It is also only hit by +2 or better magical weapons. Otherwise, its abilities are like those of the normal Wolf-Priest Spirit Xp: 8000

A wolf-demon looks like a male human, a bit taller than 6 feet, with a weight above 200lbs. It has a human head when not in combat, and the eyes are flaring red. But when in combat, the human head gets ripped to pieces by a large wolf’s head which takes the place of the human head. In addition it grows three more heads, which can appear on any part of the body, but usually from the abdomen, torso and shoulders.

If a person gets bitten but not killed, it will in 6 hours turn into a lesser wolf-demon.

The lesser wolf-demon is under direct control of the wolf-demon that bit it.

Lesser Wolf-Demon:

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Activity Cycle: Any

Intelligence: 10

Treasure: Random

Number Appearing: 1-4

Armor Class: 8

HD: As in life

Thac0: As in life

Number of Attacks: 1

Damage: By weapon

Special Attacks: Shape Change, Spell abilities

Special Defense: Spell abilities

Morale: 13

Xp: Varies


As in life when in humanoid shape. In wolf shape they look like a normal white-grey wolf. They can not choose a ethereal shape.


Lesser Wolf-Demons usually fights with weapons like humans, but they have also got the spell abilities of a 5th level cleric. In wolfshape, the bite inflicts 1-4 in damage.


A Lesser Wolf-Demon does not age. After 100 years, it changes into a wolf-priest spirit. It is always under control of the Wolf Demon who bit it.

Henrik Ertzeid wrote this adventure over 10 years ago, at the height of his gaming career. Despite leading a very busy life, he still plays and enjoys a good game of AD&D and the first World of Darkness edition.


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