3D Printing and gaming: Let’s start!

3D Printing and gaming can go hand in hand. It is a very exciting technology that can go hand in hand with gaming and RPGs. And I am in love with it!

I got a new Elegoo Mars printer in January 2020 and started doing some prints. Some failings, some successes and a ton of fun. And even more learning, which I enjoy.

3D printing in resin very much reminds me of my time when I used to do chemical photography and even 3D generating in my Amiga 2000 (and 4000) computers nearly 30 years ago and now I would like to share it with you.

For that reason I have started a new channel for those of you interested in the topic, but not put it with the boardgaming and RPG productions so things don’t mix too much.

Hope you’ll subscribe to the new channel and find out 3D printing as fascinating as I do.

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