30 Rings of Defence by Rite Publishing

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30 Rings of Defense, By Rite Publishing.By Thilo Graf

This pdf is 12 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages ads and 1 page SRD, leaving 7 pages of content.

The first page lists the rings in a huge table, complete with old-school 1d%-rolls and prices – a nice nod for grognards. The rings range from 400GP to 120.000 GP.

After that, we get the magical rings. Before going into details or examples, I’d like to mention a clever, elegant design decision: The problem of fixed DCs of abilities in circumvented in several of the rings abilities, by using the formula DC 10 + 1/2 HD of user + Cha-mod (or 1/2 Cha-mod). I really like this solution, as it keeps the rings interesting for a broader scope of levels and fights the trend to use Charisma as the dump-stat. The rings are presented with a fluff text, Price, Construction requirements etc.

  • Ring of Adjournment: Deny attacks of opportunity
  • Ring of Aegis: Deflection bonus in combat plus miss chance for ranged attacks
  • Ring of Allied Protection: Deflection bonus, can be extended to allies
  • Ring of Armored Charity: Two rings, bearers can transfer individual armor class bonuses
  • Ring of Blood’s Shield: Save you from bleeding, stabilizes you
  • Ring of Condemnation: Denies effects of desecration for undead, damages undead, aberrations and outsiders
  • Ring of Divine Defiance: Protection from alignment-based attacks
  • Ring of Determination: Ignore detrimental conditions for a time, but can’t be healed
  • Ring of Evil’s Embrace: Gives demonic DR
  • Ring of Exorcism: Dispel Magic Jar
  • Ring of Forbearance: Grants DR/magic
  • Ring of Foul Flavor: Keeps biting enemies away
  • Ring of Guiding Light: Know about negative conditions of a person
  • Ring of Heroic Sacrifice: Ward an ally and take his/her damage
  • Ring of Hidden Echoes: Hides wearer from blindsight, tremorsense etc.
  • Ring of Life’s Embrace: Sacred bonuses on AC and saves, minor damage to Undead at dismissal
  • Ring of Life’s Grace: Retry a save against a negative condition
  • Ring of Preservation: Deflection Bonus
  • Ring of the Protected Flanks: Cannot be flanked for a limited amount of time
  • Ring of Random Reflections: Distort reality to deflect ranged attacks, spells etc. at allies/enemies a select number of times
  • Ring of Retaliation: Gain an AaO if hit by a melee attack a select number of times per day
  • Ring of Righteous Allies: Know the conditions of allies, grant bonus to allies in 20 ft. radius
  • Ring of Safeguards: Deflection bonus, can be doubled for a short time
  • Ring of Scent’s bane: Thwart scent ability
  • Ring of Spellguards: Absorb spells
  • Ring of Spell’s Spike: Cripple enemy casters
  • Ring of Supernatural Shielding: Bonus against supernatural effects
  • Ring of Thief-taking: Bonus against disguise and sleight of hand
  • Ring of Truth’s Touch: Dispel illusions
  • Ring of Winter’s Embrace: Deflection bonus and fire resistance.
  • Many of the rings have several incarnations, lesser and greater ones.


This file is exceedingly hard to rate for me, as I have unfortunately already reviewed the sequel, 30 unique magical blades. 30 rings of defence is more printer-friendly than the 30 blades, being b/w and using mostly art recycled from other RiP-products. I like that rings get some love, but I do miss unique pieces of artwork for the rings – yes, I realize, I’ve been spoiled by the good sequel. I didn’t notice any obvious editing or formatting glitches. That being said, some of the rings I found interesting, some of them did not impress me, for me the file was hit-and-miss. Especially due to one fact: I loved the unique stories in the sequel and would have loved to see more fluff for the rings to bring them better to life in the game. That being said, I LOVE the design decision with the scaling DCs of many of the ring abilities. In any case, you get a lot of rings for a few bucks – with the lesser and greater variants and the +1 to +5 range, you actually get 99 rings. Due to the amount of content and this elegant design decision, I’ll settle for a solid 3 stars – add one if you’re especially into the crunchy side of magic items.

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