86354[1]By Thilo Graf

This pdf from Super Genius Games is 13 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving 11 1/3 pages of content for more divination magic.

Ah, the art of divination – no other school or ability has crushed so many roleplaying plots has had so many DMs gnash their teeth and thus it is only appropriate that the pdf kicks off with extensive advice on how to pull off adventures with divination magic and how to make it not only a cool, but an integral part of your campaign. After these wise pieces of advice, we are introduced to spell-lists and 12 new divination spells.

The spells are interesting – from one determining blood relationship (bastards and court intrigue, anyone?) to detecting diseases, learning the deepest fears of your foes to looking through the eyes of vermin, finding weak points in foe’s defences, learning lies, discerning the reflections a puddle of water has mirrored in the last 24 hours to accessing repressed memories from the target’s subconscious and an improved version of Zone of Truth, the spells are gold for writing complex, hard detective adventures and investigations and will ALL, without exception, find their way into my campaign.

We also get additional material for the respective classes in the form of the portent and scrying subdomains to the new omen mystery for the oracle, we get some interesting abilities focusing on deadly combat precognitions, reading the future from intestines and the dead etc. One of my favorite mysteries! 9 new feats give credence to the maxim of knowledge equalling power, from better chances at divination and scrying to gaining bonus damage against foes you know the specifics about and even gain invisible scrying sensors.

The pdf closes with expanded information on the most iconic tools of the trade, crystal balls – minor and lesser versions for the small purse have been added, along 5 additional enchantments for crystal balls as well as 4 adornments for crystal balls along their bonuses to further customize the scrying tools. Neat!


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn’t notice any glitches. Layout adheres to the 3-column standard and the artwork is ok. The pdf has no bookmarks. The content of this pdf are excellent and designer John Ling should be justifiably proud – this pdf ranks among my favorite magic pdfs from Super Genius Games and enriches any game in a plethora of ways. I’ll be sure to provide access to my players, if only because the spells enable me to write more complex investigations for them. With no glitches to speak of, no balance concerns and the superb quality of the content, my final verdict will be 5 stars along the Endzeitgeist seal of approval – a mighty fine addition to just about any campaign.

Endzeitgeist out.

The Genius Guide to Divination Magic is available from:

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