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I like the idea of software that aids the gaming experience. A lot.

However a lot of the software out there, rather than help, they try to replace the gaming experience. They replace what should be on the table for something else that otherwise you wouldn’t need, like dice or maps.

Herolab, though, doesn’t do that. Herolab gives helps you create your characters so you don’t have to send long periods of time sorting out tables, stats, bonuses, abilities… You get the drift.

Behind that software, there is a very experience company that is as passionate about games as it is knowledgeable, Lonewolf Development, and this episode features an interview with one of the programmers behind the software.

Great opportunity to ask about Herolab, Army Builder and Realm Works, as well as the future of the company and if we’ll ever see an iPad version of their handy work.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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