115224-thumb140[1]Although this episode is indeed 101, it better not get lost never to be seen again, because it’s a cracker!

For the first episode after our centenary there is an interview with Jim Pinto.

If you don’t know Jim, please do listen and listen good. Jim is a very talented designer and writer who’s got a string of awards behind him, and surely another string ahead.

In this episode we cover his latest publication, King for a Day, a Lovecraftian style systemless sandbox adventure set in a traditional Anglo-Saxon shire. With more than 300 pages of NPCs, locations and a selection of maps to go with the book. Anyway… it’s in the interview.

But that is not all there is to Jim (at all!). He’s also had some Kickstarter projects and the latest one is for Toolcards, a set of cards with information that can be used for and in any RPG. At the time of the interview, the project was already funded and had just a few days to go. However, now you can get your set of ToolCards: Fantasy in DriveThruRPG though!

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Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!

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