Frost%20Giant%20Pirates%20of%20the%20Icy%20Heart_front[1]This week, Raging Swan Press is proud to announce the release of Frost Giant Pirates of the Icy Heart a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM’s RESOURCE by Ben Kent

Ploughing through the water like a frozen leviathan, the Icy Heart is an immense pirate vessel carved from an iceberg. With a crew of frost giants, the Icy Heart is a ship like no other, capable of seizing the richest and most powerful vessels. The Icy Heart’s only weakness lies in its leadership; the rampant self-interests, rapacious designs of the white dragon Flashfreeze and the cruel, bloodthirsty demands of the frost giant Jarl Icehammer rarely coincide. The ravenous appetites of the beast and the tyrant are held in check only by the scheming of Lady Krath, who uses both to advance her own cause and wealth.

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