92704[1]Louis Porter Jr. Design has released Monsters of NeoExodus: Annihilation Sphere at RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com. Here is information on this product:

The Annihilation Sphere is a unique monster on NeoExodus. The name itself conjures images of destruction and uncontrolled mayhem. The sphere itself has no name; it was named by the Cavians who found it impossible to stop. The First Ones’ archives in Kayen’te speak of an Aneishi experiment to destroy the Kaga and crush its rebellious armies in a single blow. The details of its creation, like all other Aneishi creations, are vague and incomplete. Exodite scholars believe the Aneishi have tried to recreate man’s grand magical experiment that led to the creation of the Kaga. However, the resulting experiment created something much different. This sourcebook includes:

• Statistics, abilities and rules for a Annihilation Sphere (CR 25 & 30)
• Statistics, abilities and rules for the Annihilation Sphere
• Using The Annihilation Sphere in a Campaign
• Monster Cards

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