Magic the Gathering M14 is the 15th core set and has recently been released just last month. The Duels of the Planeswalkers is heavily integrated in this set even more so than the previous. Plus it will also be the 20th anniversary of the game and a mythic orange / bronze logo has been used instead of the usual yellow and blue in celebration of Magic the Gathering’s 20 years of game play.

The new game, M14, has brought along with it some rule changes. Several changes have been made to the game with the release of Magic 2014. Below are some of the changes to the rules.

  • Playing additional lands off of effects such as Explore have been streamlined.
  • Unblockable has been removed and replaced with ‘this creature can’t be blocked’.
  • A new keyword, Indestructible, has now been implemented.
  • 15 cards can now be included in sideboards in contrasted play. You can also add or remove cards from the main deck to the sideboard or the other way around.
  • Planeswalker cards of the same type can now only be placed into the graveyard by the person controlling them.

The Magic 2014 set also has five cycles which include, Planeswalkers, Planeswalkers Creatures, Wizard Staves, Iconic Mythics and Rare Colour Hate Creatures. The set also has one top down designed combo which includes the Festering Newt, Bubbling Cauldron and the Bogbrew Witch. 249 black bordered cards are included in the pack with premium versions included randomly. Magic 2014 is available in booster packs, intro packs and fat packs.

For the Magic the Gathering Magic 2014 core set, choose from the range available from Magic Madhouse. You will find packs, boxes, intro packs, decks and more available from the M14 set release.