220px-Salvador_Dali_NYWTS[1]A little while ago, Robert Sullivan, aka The Grumpy Celt, posed the question Are Games Art?

This is indeed a very tricky question to answer, as the concept of art is very subjective and some people consider things to be art forms only when they understand and respect that form of expression.

So, since the answer to the question Could Games Be Art? is a resounding yes, answering the question are they art is a different kettle of fish.

The creative elements are indeed there. There is art within the books, there is a relationship between the writer, the reader and the players and is a flexible medium in which people can have an artistic input, from the creation of the adventure to the interpretation of the characters.

So, apart from the general public’s perception, what is missing?

And are there any games that have come close to being works of art?

This is my take on it!

So, are Role Playing Games art?