Azul was doing the rounds at Spiel like mad. Being in the hot-list for weeks before the show started, this abstract promised a lot. But, does it deliver?

Not everyone like abstract games. I do, but for some people in my group, they just find them too abstract (which is weird considering they love Euros… but hey…) and yet, they liked Azul.

Azul is based on the Portuguese tradition of tile making. The old tradition, introduced by the Moors when half of the Iberian Peninsula belonged to them, Azul is short for “azulejo” which is an adobe baked tile painted with intricate and beautiful designs used to tile walls and floors.

Indeed many palaces and important buildings have featured their designs. And being a good craftsman granted a lot or renown. And in this particular case you will be tyling the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora.

Carefully choosing what tiles to use, avoiding the loss of tiles and waste of resources, looking after what other tiles your competitors are trying to obtain. All important tasks while you gather your own tiles and complete your own wall.

With a gameplay of around 30 minutes, two modes of playing – standard and crazy addictive – and looks to die for, it is understable this was in the hot-list for so long.

But is it as good as it sounds. We asked a lot of questions to Martin Bouchard fro Plan B Games.

Hope you enjoy the interview!


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