Nov 222014

LOGO_NOSOLOROL_2012 Well, at last I can announce it. It’s been coming a few weeks now and I haven’t said anything because… well because it could have gone in a different direction, but it hasn’t and I’m happy and very excited.

From now, G*M*S Magazine will also be G*M*S Iberia.

We have associated with Nosolorol Ediciones in Spain to help spread the wealth of Spanish games into the English speaking  market, and help identify exceptional roleplaying games to bring into the Spanish market.

Nosolorol has been a driving force in the RPG scene in Spain for many years and their catalogue of games is nothing sort of impressive.

With titles that cater for the youngest of players like Pequenyos Detectives de Monstruos en la Oscuridad (Little Dectives of Monsters in the Dark) and La Torre de Rudecindus (Rudecindus’ Tower) to adult titles like Cultos Innombrables (Unnameable Cults) o Fragmentos: Director’s Cuts and the rather magnificent Aquelarre, the company has a very extensive catalogue that will fit pretty much any area of the market.

On the other side, G*M*S Iberia will evaluate roleplaying games that will fit into the Spanish market to propose new partnership between the two companies.

We will aim to break the language barrier between the two companies as well as help throughout the licensing process and ensure communication is maintained smoothly until production is in place. With this, we aim to help make sure everything happens as quickly as possible with the maximum amount of transparency.

G*M*S Iberia remains an independent entity but will concentrate mainly on Nosolorol as a partner for its quality and variety of games that we can guarantee to satisfy the standard we would like to satisfy.

We now welcome pitches for games if you are interested in publishing your game into Spanish territory, and welcome enquires from publishers to publish Nosolorol games.

Let the new adventure begin!

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Nov 112014

FriendComputer[1]Paranoia stormed on the tables of gamers all over the world in the 80 and has remained an iconic game that lots and lots of people were rather looking forward to see rebooted.

Hence it’s no surprise that when it came out in Kickstarter just a few days ago, it smashed its funding goal in less than a day and it’s still gathering a lot of money. And rightly so!

The authors chosen to bring this new edition of the game to life have all a tremendous record in game design and publishing, so that alone makes betting on this game a very safe procedure. No doubt the combination of James Wallis, Paul Dean and Grant Howitt should put anyone and everyone’s fears to rest.

In any event, and to make sure you have every single possible reason to back this project, I got together with two of the traitors designers to find out more about exiting new edition of the game.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Nov 102014

Iello[1] Iello has gone from strength to strength for the last few years building up on the successes of games like King of Tokyo and others.

Every single year at Spiel they have improved their offering not just in the amount of games, but also in the space they make available for the public to try their games and how approachable they are as a company.

They are, quite frankly and honestly, a pleasure to deal with.

A combination of the *insane* amount of games they released at Spiel and that willingness to talk about their games is what made us want to have a longer interview and start the series of interviews from Spiel with them.

Find out about Zombie 15, King of New York, The Hare and the Tortoise, Guardian’s Chronicles and The Night of the Grand Octopus straight from Mathieu Bonin!

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Nov 092014

Dragonmeet-logo-square-300x257By Paco Garcia Jaen

When Chris Birch told me he had taken over the organising of Dragonmeet and asked me if I’d like to organise the panels I jumped in right away. I love panels, what can I say?

But why do I like them so much? While some people consider panels a waste of valuable time, and to each their own, I personally consider panels the perfect opportunity to learn and understand not just the games I play, but also the people behind the games and issues that surround games.

From the way the rules are created, to the thinking behind those rules and the genesis of the setting where they’ll go. All those aspects of gaming that are less discussed and less talked about than the rules and the setting themselves, are the things that make me tick and help me become a better player and a better GM.

So for me to be able to help organise panels that can bring a new layer of knowledge and understanding to some gamers who find it useful is an opportunity I can’t let pass me by.

One of the beauties of organising panels for Dragonmeet is that everyone is always willing to help. Ideas are proposed, people step forward to be part of the panels, ideas are thrown away after discussions and basically, it becomes a team effort to make sure there is variety and diversity all over the place.

And this is another reason I like organising panels and I feel panels are important. They give a voice to creators and gamers that otherwise would never be heard. Indie game developers and publishers, less well-known writers and artists in other media would never be heard. And that matters a lot.

Diversity, not just in gender, sexuality, ethnic and cultural background, but in level of exposure and expertise is a vital and integral part of what keeps the gaming hobby fresh and developing new ideas constantly. And it cannot be stressed enough how important that is.

Without diversity in our games and in our games creators pool, we would all end up playing in the same old setting. We would all be eating the same candy with a different wrapping. And let me assure you that is really, really bad.

So that’s my philosophy when I start to organise panels: Diversity. Diversity of games, diversity of panellists, diversity of topics.

In other words, richness.

So if you want to attend a bunch of panels that will certain have something to offer to the most curious minds, head to Dragonmeet this December, sit back and enjoy.

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Nov 072014

DnD_StarterBox It’s time to cook again. And have friends around for dinner again!

Welcome to Dice & Slice!

In this episode we are going to cook a hearty and delicious main course that you can change and add whatever ingredients you like and still taste amazing, and change it for people with dietary requirements. Also an incredibly simple dessert that can be cooked in 30 minutes from start to finish.

Firstly we cook roasted stuffed butternut squash and I prepare it in two different versions, one for omnivores and one for vegans.

For the Vegan recipe PDF, please click here:

For the meaty recipe PDF, please click here:

And for dessert a Spanish classic perfect for celiacs as it contains no flour or dairy, perfect for children to prepare because it requires no sharp utensils and bakes in under 30 minutes: Tarta de Santiago.

For this mega-easy recipe PDF, please click here:

And as for games, we play Dungeons & Dragons, the game that started all roleplaying games and has received a new version recently.

Our experience local game master, Neal, runs the game with three players of varied ages and expertise; from total newbies to the game to a teenager who has only played for a year or so.

And this is what happens when one tackles a game for the first time with a group of people when the rules are almost there but not entirely.

We loved it!

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Nov 052014

pic836017_t[1]Kings of Mithril is a game from Mindwarrior Games, the Finnish company part of the Tactic group that has released a few games in the last few years of varying themes.

This time the players compete to gain control of a kingdom by building said kingdom around and inside Mount Mithril.

Players try to extend their mining tunnels deep inside the mountain and build underground forges while lumberjacks, farmers, road builders and merchants spread out to the plains around the mountain. Building forts and guarding borders also help each tribal chief towards the ultimate goal of being crowned king of this mythical island surrounded by stormy seas.

Game was presented first at the Essen 2010 exhibition.

Now, all of this sounds very good, but are the game contents worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it?

Let’s find out!

This video was co-hosted by Derek Mayne, who very generously contributed to our Dice & Slice project.

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