Author: Paco G. Jaen

Representation at a bare minimum in RPGs?

Representation at a bare minimum in RPGs is something a friend asked me about a few days ago. Someone wanted to do this, so I recorded this reply. Whether you are writing an adventure or a fully fledged roleplaying game, having #inclusivity and #diversity is something you have to think about from the start. Deciding to include it later on in the process has some implications that don’t bode well for the game. And having inclusivity will also draw criticism from those people who do not want to share their space and privilege with people who’ve been either absent or invisible until recently. And what happens if you want to have inclusivity in the art at a bare minimum? Would that be OK in a D&D, Call of Cthulhu, CoC, Vampire: The Mascarade, an osr or pbta game? In this video I talk about that. Hope you enjoy the show! Visit other G*M*S Magazine productions: For our main channel: For our #podcast: Follow us on #Twitter: Our #Facebook page:...

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Conan’s Chicken recipe: Dice & Slice

This is a Chicken Recipe inspired by the Conan RPG from Modiphius for Dice & Slice. Conan has been a hero of many since Robert E. Howard released the series started in 1932 and it has seen many #rpg incarnations, but none like that of Modiphius. Although I already did a review of the game not long ago, recently I found myself wondering what I would eat if I were travelling around the lands of Hyboria and Hyperborea for whatever reason and I thought Chicken would be a good food to try. In this chicken recipe I cook chicken...

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Going to conventions – Top 10 things to do beforehand

Going to conventions requires some preparation and that is a question one of our friends from the Quackalope channel asked in one of the FB groups I regularly frequent. Regardless of whether you go as a individual, a company or as a media person, some things can always help if you are going to conventions and you have never been before, or even if you are a seasoned convention-goer. If you go to a convention giant like GenCon or a small convention like a local gathering, knowing these few steps will help you have an absolutely fantastic time. Hope...

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Presents for gamers

Presents for gamers sometimes are hard to come by and we can really get a headache wondering and thinking about what to give our friends when we have to buy something. With the festive season approaching (at the time of recording this video) it might be a good idea to have some plans to give presents to your beloved gamers. Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not and you are looking forward to having Santa down the chimney with his massive sack full of goodness or something else, doing something nice for someone else is a cool prospect....

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Amethyst interview with Chris Dias – Sensitive topics

Sensitive topics can be dealt with in RPGs and Chris Dias, from Dias Ex Machina has a game, Amethyst, that claims to do that. Dealing with tough aspects of real life in #TTRPG has to be done in the right away so things don’t get out of hand. Tools like the #XCard, Monte Cook’s Consent Form, lines and veils and many other safety tools for games and gaming. So having a game that helps you deal and bring those topics to the table in the safest possible way and without being an insensitive edgelord is very welcome. Hope you...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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