Author: Paco G. Jaen

Amethyst interview with Chris Dias – Sensitive topics

Sensitive topics can be dealt with in RPGs and Chris Dias, from Dias Ex Machina has a game, Amethyst, that claims to do that. Dealing with tough aspects of real life in #TTRPG has to be done in the right away so things don’t get out of hand. Tools like the #XCard, Monte Cook’s Consent Form, lines and veils and many other safety tools for games and gaming. So having a game that helps you deal and bring those topics to the table in the safest possible way and without being an insensitive edgelord is very welcome. Hope you...

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The Boardgame Interview Room: TanTrump in Kickstarter

Tantrump is a protest political game designed by Mike Selinker and Liz Spain that tries to breach the gap between gaming and protesting like all good pieces of art should do. Tantrump is a game that is likely to offend and elate in equal measures and I do hope it will get a reaction in you. Either because it offends or makes you happy, it will have done part of its job. And if it entertains you as a game too, then all the better! This is the first time we do video interviews in the channel and, as...

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The Hero’s Journey – The RPG Interview Room

The Hero’s Journey has been a love of mine for a long time. It is a tried and tested formula that renders good results. But do people use it to maximum effect? Once you know the Hero’s Journey, it is fairly easy to identify when it’s being used. The Marvel films, and pretty much any movie in which there is some sort of hero, uses a good number of the stages. Although the formula has been reworked, simplified, tidied and reordered, it remains a valid reference that is starting to show its age and, with the influence and knowledge...

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Relationships in RPGs – The RPG Interview Room podcast

Relationships are a pretty integral part of RPGs. It is very hard to have a party without relationships because, one way or another, they have to relate to one another, romantically or otherwise. In the last few weeks we have been chatting a lot in Facebook about relationships in games with a lot of people deciding they don’t want to have relationship in games because… erm… dunno… lots of reasons that make no sense to me, but hey… to each their own. The fact is that a lot of people’s misgivings on having relationships are a bit odd and...

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Writing RPG adventures – steps 1 to 10

This is the first of two videos in which I give you twenty steps to designing and writing your RPG adventures. Whether it is for your own #TTRPG or for publication, there are some steps that you can follow that can give you what you need to get your work finished. It doesn’t matter if it is a Call of Cthulhu or a Dungeons & Dragons game, following the steps in this video will help you finish the work and get it all out there in no time! Hope you enjoy the show! Visit other G*M*S Magazine productions: For...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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