Author: Paco G. Jaen

The RPG Room Podcast: Adventure Creation.

Adventure creation is quite a task that can go from something as simple as applying a formula to get an encounter, to something as complex as creating a full campaign arch. And yet, sometimes we forget during that adventure  creation process that adventures are meant to be played by a homogenous group of gamers who will interpret, see, play an enjoy things differently than us. So that adventure we are creating stops being ours to belonging to the players and DMs. And that is a very tricky issue, because we also now need to consider the dynamics between gamers...

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Sakura Hunt: Interview with publisher and designer at Spiel 2017

Sakura Hunt stood up in the list of potentials for Spiel due to its absolutely gorgeous looks and theme. But there was more. For an abstract game, having a theme usually is a matter of pasting it on top just to add a bit of flavour. It is easy to recognise games that have no true correlation between the rules and the theme they intend to convey. Which I don’t particularly like, to be honest. In this case, the theme is so romantic and poetic, so full of Japanese tradition that it just made sense and felt so right....

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Azul: Should we pay it the attention it’s been given?

Azul was doing the rounds at Spiel like mad. Being in the hot-list for weeks before the show started, this abstract promised a lot. But, does it deliver? Not everyone like abstract games. I do, but for some people in my group, they just find them too abstract (which is weird considering they love Euros… but hey…) and yet, they liked Azul. Azul is based on the Portuguese tradition of tile making. The old tradition, introduced by the Moors when half of the Iberian Peninsula belonged to them, Azul is short for “azulejo” which is an adobe baked tile...

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What does have Dized to be worth it for gamers?

Dized is trying to become the definitive app to teach how to play boardgames and wants to offer the best possible experience for gamers of any game. Although the app is still in development, it is true that the results look pretty impressive. At the booth in Spiel, it was interesting to see how most other companies had a number of people demoing games, whereas at the Dized booth games were demoing themselves. A bunch of people were playing Kingdominoes without any one else’s help. Now that… that was pretty neat! During the successful IndieGogo campaign the company carried...

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Dized, an app to learn how to play boardgames

Dized is an app to learn how to play boardgames I have known about for a while now. It attempts to solve a problem boardgames have: learn how to play them in a simple and quick way. Plenty of people try with videos and tutorials, but the fact is that there isn’t an easy or accessible way to teach how to play games. With so many different types of games, that is just normal. Dized, though, wants to teach you how to play boardgames. The easy way. Which is pretty hard. But what does it mean when you have...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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