Author: Paco G. Jaen

“I made money with my project”

Kinda funny but not funny but funny nevertheless story in as much as it is a facepalm sort of moment. I was in a seminar a few days ago about small publishers. We were five publishers with more or less experience on our stride and all of us with different backgrounds. We have all used crowdfunding and we have had successes to some degree. One of the, the moderator, always does extremely well in his campaigns. The last one he got nearly 18.000€ and the current one has surpassed that amount. You might think that is not a huge...

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Marketing in RPGs with Ed Healy

Marketing in RPGs is a vast topic that I have spoken about a few times in the past. Now we have a proper expert to tell us some secrets! Ed Healy has been doing marketing in RPGs for a very long time now and his company has specialised in both marketing and logistics for companies that, being in a niche market like RPGs, have some very specific requirements. In the past I have said, many times, how I feel most RPG companies are terrible at marketing.With that I don’t mean just advertising, but to actually getting the product to...

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Joseph Carriker and representation in RPGs

Joseph Carriker has been writing games and working within LGBTQI+ activism for longer than most.¿Does he have something to tell you? Well… yes. I have known Joe for a while now and, as well as knowing about his writing and line development for Blue Rose, I have known about his thinking and logic for awhile, and every straight person should listen to what he has to say. Not just because he tends to nail it pretty much every time, but because he has a way to say things that work. If you want to listen, that is. And I...

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Bedrock Games and House of Paper Shadows

Bedrock Games has released a new supplement for their Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Game: House of Paper Shadows. Brendan Davis has been spearheading Bedrock games for a good number of years now. House of Paper Shadows is their latest instalment for the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gategame. But what is it about? In this episode I talk to Brendan Davis about his recent release and how to tackle writing content from a different culture without falling into stereotypes and cultural pitfalls Hope you enjoy the show! You can listen to this podcast in iTunes and Stitcher too. You can download the episode...

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Children of Orion: The Venu Sourcebook

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