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Dinosaurs in Games and review of Tetrarchia and Ninja Squad.

The board game room: Dinosaurs in games. Tetrarchia and Ninja Squad

I am Paco García, your host and I am joined by Chris Dias and we talk about Dinosaur games, Tetrarchia and Ninja Squad. Below there is a transcript. This podcast[…]

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The Board Game Interview Room: Daimyo Senso with Nathan Lusk

In this episode I am joined by Nathan Lusk to talk about his Asian themed boardgame called Daimyo Senso and his quest to have it fully manufactured in the USA.[…]

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Abuse in the games industry

The Board Game Room: abuse in the gaming industry

In this episode, Chris and I talk about recent events and the abuse people face in the company. We talk about how to identify it, what to do, and also[…]

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