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Raging Swan releases Villains II

Raging Swan Press has just released Villains II as a Dual Format PDF. Following on from the success of Antipaladins and Villains, Villains II presents six terrifying foes for your high-level Pathfinder game! An Experiment: Raging Swan’s Money Back Guarantee Here at Raging Swan Press we are proud of the reputation we’ve built over the…
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Raging Swan Press: Antipaladins Unleashed

Raging Swan Press has just released Antipaladins in all the usual places. Antipaladins is the first GM’S RESOURCE, but upcoming releases in the series include Fellowship of the Blackened Oak, Villains and Dark Oak.

Leverage the RPG review

The Leverage RPG is the latest licensed game from Margaret Weiss productions using a variant of their Cortex Plus rules. It is based on the hit TNT TV series about a group of (slightly) reformed criminals, who take down untouchable and truly villainous targets.

DC Adventures Heroe’s Handbook

I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Green Ronin – makers of Mutants & Masterminds – landed one of the two “Holy Grails” in the superhero genre: The DC Comics license. Their first release in the new line is the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook, which is the rulebook and, essentially, the rulebook for Mutants…
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