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Doing a “Sarkeesian”. And many more to come, I hope!

Apparently, recently I did a “Sarkeesian”. A few days ago, in the Spanish version of this blog, I uploaded a video in which I introduced the X-Card. A tool I find reasonable enough and simple enough to use around the table to increase safety, especially when playing with stranger. For some reason I won’t qualify,…
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In my attempt to visit as many countries as possible and met as many gamers as my brain will possibly be able to remember, this year I decided to take a couple of days and visit Conpulsion, in Edinburgh.

Agency in scenario driven eLearning

First of all I will make this very clear; I am a game player -a big, big games fan. I have been playing videogames, board games and role playing games since I was a child and they have had a massive impact in developing my imagination, my visualisation skills, my social skills and even my empathy skills. This is important for me to make clear since the start of this article because I want everyone to know that I am biased. Yes, I believe in games as a medium to develop healthy personality traits and interaction skills.