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[Review] Trajan

Trajan is a game from the labyrinthine mind of designer Stefan Feld, who also sired Castles of Burgundy, amongst others, into an unready world. Like many of his oeuvre the connection between the actual gameplay and the goodest of good emperors is perhaps tenuous, but you don’t buy a box of this many pastel wooden bits for a gung-ho weapon wielding imperial simulation, you buy it for the chance to experience the interlocking mechanics brought forth from the designers brain, and, given time, hone or even perfect your use of them.

A totally original and unprecedented end-of-year list of my five games of 2012

Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea for a post where I outline what I think were the best new games of 2012, and maybe even a little bit about why! Guys…? guys? Where did you all go… come back… please…