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Podcast episode- The RPG Interview Room: Timewatch with Kevin Kulp

By Paco Garcia Jaen Time travel is one of those subjects that fascinate people throughout the Science Fiction and Fantasy spectrum and Timewatch wants to do something about it. There are tons of movies, novels and games that do their best with the subject, but with something like traveling the waves of time, it’s tough…
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Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Review

For someone who grew in a country where the Doctor was, and largely is, nothing but a name we know very, very little about, it only took me a few episodes of the series to get infatuated with the character and companions hopping from adventure to adventure. Even though I wasn’t all that keen on the actor portraying the Doctor, the story and extremely clever writing that came with it really got me hooked.


In Chrononauts you play as a time traveller from an alternate reality. You are on a mission to “rescue” three specific objects from time but in the process you have become lost in an alternate timeline. To win you must either complete your original mission, alter the timeline sufficiently to allow you to return home or gather enough power and influence over the time space continuum that you become the ultimate timelord, able to bend time to suit your every whim.