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Therion 011

Every thousand years, a musician of incredible talent will fight to gather the 15 sheets that form the Harmony of Cosmos and find the Organ of Destiny to play the melody that will vanish Fenrir for another millennium. And they have only 11 hours to do all that.

Therion 011 Unboxing video

This is the unboxing video of a really interesting and gorgeous looking game that should make a lot of music fans very happy. Marco Valtriani and Paolo Vallerga bring a story of Ragnarok and music to the board and it looks amazing! I could tell you a lot of things about this game, but I rather let you see the video!

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast – Spiel Day 2; part 2

The Spiel 2011 craze continues with the interviews with totally amazing people. Podcast Powered By Podbean Have you ever been in  need to get sleeves for the cards in your game? Well, the interview with Jo-Jo from Swan Panasia Games will tell you all you need to know and more, and he’s a great guy…
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Spiel 2011–The high points

Spiel has been going on since the early 1980’s and every year has been attracting more and more games companies looking to showcase and sell their games. It is currently the biggest games trade show in the world and it attracts over 150.000 people over 4 days. No mean feat at all!