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Advanced Options – Witch’s Hexes

This pdf from Super Genius Games is 7 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial & SRD, leaving 5 1/3 pages fort he new hexes.

Supernatural: A Review

By Kimberly Moser Supernatural is a new roleplaying game published by Margaret Weis Productions. It is a reflection of the popular television show by the same name. If you are familiar with the show the book/core game material will read like a dream. Otherwise the language is a little colloquial with plenty of colorful metaphors…
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Ghostories Expanded RPG review

This is a one page summary of what you’re getting into with Ghostories, which are meant for Supernatural Mystery Roleplaying. You can play the supernatural as being mythical, as being real but people are unaware of it, or as being real and being an accepted part of life. Obviously, each approach will alter how your game looks.

Supernatural : Guide to the Hunted

Everybody knows rock salt keeps out ghosts and silver kills werewolves. That’s just Folklore 101. But when you need to get rid of a crocotta, banish a tulpa, or deal with an Angel of the Lord, you’re going to need a really good guide. Centuries of monster lore can be found in this essential sourcebook…
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