Video Interview – Kaleva: Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2015

Mindwarrior Games has that ability to produce games I like. They are simple in rules, gorgeous to look at, deep enough that one can play them many times and very rewarding. Also some of their games have a Nordic Myth theme that I find *very* appealing. This year they released Kaleva, a strategy game for […]

Article – Spiel 2015: A Quick Update

First day at Spiel and already a very busy one. This morning managed to get on time to the press conference, which is great although a bit useless as I can’t understand much of what they say. Still, it’s a great atmosphere.The press preview event is great. Saw a ton of new games and arranged […]

Video Unboxing – Suburban Dispute

Suburban dispute was another discovery from Spiel that I was attracted to because I like silly games sometimes (well, OK… often). In this case, Jamoma Games brings us a game of back-stabbing  and gangster families fighting with each other for the… err…. for whatever, it doesn’t matter because fighting between gangsters is always a good […]

Video interview – Ignacy Trzewiczek at Spiel 2014

I could tell you a lot about this company and its charismatic leader, Ignacy Trzewiczek. I could because they do lots of things and they keep coming up with tremendous games even if the topic might look bizarre. They just have a knack for it, it would seem. I caught up with Ignacy at Spiel […]

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