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Video Interview – Kaleva: Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2015

Mindwarrior Games has that ability to produce games I like. They are simple in rules, gorgeous to look at, deep enough that one can play them many times and very rewarding. Also some of their games have a Nordic Myth theme that I find *very* appealing. This year they released Kaleva, a strategy game for…
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Article – A glance at Spiel just before it ends

By Paco Garcia Jaen Internationale Spieltage SPIEL is at an end tomorrow and this year’s show has been the best so far. Some very notable things, I have to say. I am ever so glad that I very early made the decision to ignore American companies and large companies too. I was going to see…
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Article – Spiel 2015: A Quick Update

First day at Spiel and already a very busy one. This morning managed to get on time to the press conference, which is great although a bit useless as I can’t understand much of what they say. Still, it’s a great atmosphere.The press preview event is great. Saw a ton of new games and arranged…
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Video Unboxing – Suburban Dispute

Suburban dispute was another discovery from Spiel that I was attracted to because I like silly games sometimes (well, OK… often). In this case, Jamoma Games brings us a game of back-stabbing  and gangster families fighting with each other for the… err…. for whatever, it doesn’t matter because fighting between gangsters is always a good…
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Video interview – Ignacy Trzewiczek at Spiel 2014

I could tell you a lot about this company and its charismatic leader, Ignacy Trzewiczek. I could because they do lots of things and they keep coming up with tremendous games even if the topic might look bizarre. They just have a knack for it, it would seem. I caught up with Ignacy at Spiel…
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